Sunday, August 15, 2010

Little People and Wake Forest Fan Fest

The kids started the week bright and early at their 3 year check up at the pediatrician’s office.  Overall they are great.  LITTLE, but great!  The doctor was pleased with the great year they had and really noticed how far they have come in the last year.  The kids were able to get their flumist (yay!) and they also got a Prevnar booster.  Since the kids turned 3 they don’t get stripped down anymore and they don’t have to sit and be weighed or lay down to be measured.  Which should be great news, but our kids thought it was horrible news.  They both stood on the big scale but they both protested loudly about standing against the wall to have their height measured.  It took 3 nurses to get a height.  It was ridiculous.  The kids thought standing against the wall was torture.  They come in at:

Lindy – 25 lbs 3.2 oz  and 32 inches tall
Will – 25 lbs 9.6 oz and 34.75 inches tall

Little Miss has basically caught up to Will in weight.  Too bad she’s almost 3 inches shorter.  Will is resting pretty comfortably in the 5th percentile for height and weight and Lindy is sitting in the 1st percentile for height and 3rd for weight.  Lindy’s weight for height ratio is in the 80th percentile!  She’s got a lot of meat on her little bones!

Monday afternoon Lindy had an ear mold made for her right ear.  She got a new set a few weeks ago and one is great and one needed to be remade.  We’ve never made a pair and had them work on the first try.  But we normally remake both so we actually did better this time than normal.  One out of two is better than nothing. 

Tuesday morning Lindy had physical therapy with Heather.  Will got to go with us and play as well.  Heather thought Lindy looked and felt great!  She couldn’t believe how well she was doing.  Once Lindy’s newest braces come in we are going to do down to once a month therapy.  Which will be good because once they turn 3 we start paying for therapy.  But not only for our pocketbooks, but we’re just happy Lindy is doing well!

Wednesday morning Lindy had vision therapy with Lesley.  Lindy did well playing with puzzles and putting little story cards in the correct order.

Wednesday afternoon Lindy had hearing therapy with Chris.  We worked on three critical elements and speech babble.  We only have one more session with both Chris and Lesley.  Lindy’s hearing services actually ended at 3 but the awesome Miss Chris is seeing her in August until she goes to school.  Vision services continue until 5 but because we moved, we will be getting a new teacher.  The awesome Miss Lesley continued working with her all summer since she works during the summer and our new teacher doesn’t.  It’s sad that we will only see them each 1 more time.

Thursday we took the kids to get their 3 year pictures taken.  My little ham, Lindy, wasn’t a little ham this time.  We still got cute pictures but she wasn’t her normal smiley self.  I thought Will would be the most leery but he sat down and did well. 

We’ve had a good weekend.  Friday my friend Carina came to visit and unfortunately I didn’t get a picture.  Saturday we went to the Wake Forest Fan Fest for the third year in a row.   You can see 2008 here  and 2009 here.  Funny that Carina came the same weekend as the fan fest last year too!  We met up with Uncle Ed and Aunt Jamie and my friend Brian and his daughter Isabel.  Isabel will turn 3 in a couple months but she seems so much older.  She is a chart topper while our kids are bottom skimmers.  She towered over our kids! 

The fan fest was fun though.  The kids had fun running on the football field and we got to see all the fall sports teams come in.  We held the kids arms out and they got lots of high fives from some soccer players and many football players.  I caught a couple great pictures of some big old guys smiling at Lindy and giving her high fives.  I think they thought she was cute!

The other exciting event was as we were walking out of the stadium.  Ed and Jamie were carrying Lindy and were up ahead of us.  I thought Drew was with them but he had actually stopped to talk to some folks.  Will and I were walking out and I look up and the head football coach, Jim Grobe is walking towards us.  I pick Will up and I say, “Give him five buddy.”  Coach Grobe stops and gives him five and then says hi to him.  Since he didn’t just give him five and keep walking I asked if I could get a picture with him.  He said sure!  I handed Will over and got three great pictures of them together.  I was looking for Lindy but she was nowhere to be found.  As I handed Will over to Coach Grobe Will starts to say something.  The first picture looks like they are deep in conversation.  Will actually tells Coach Grobe “Go DEACS!”  The second picture you can see that Coach Grobe is starting to realize what Will is saying and then third picture is a great one of them both smiling at me!  How cool.  When I finally found Drew and Ed they could not believe it!  Drew will never make fun of me for taking my camera with me everywhere we go!  I could have missed that photo op if I hadn’t had my camera with me!

I’ll end this saga and start the saga of pictures!  Have a great week!

Cleaning lady Lindy.DSC_1436 Silly beings playing with blankets.DSC_1440 Will puts his blanket on his head and says, “Where’s Me?”DSC_1441 DSC_1445 DSC_1446 DSC_1450 DSC_1453 Giving the kids their first airplane rides.DSC_1459 DSC_1461 Lindy trying on her cute headband.DSC_1471 Wake Forest Fan Fest through the years.wfu DSC_1483 Running ‘so fast’ with Uncle Ed.DSC_1488 Our Wake Family with the Demon DeaconDSC_1492 DSC_1497 DSC_1501 DSC_1498 DSC_1504DSC_1511DSC_1509Give me five!DSC_1520  Too bad some kid came and got in half my picture but you can still see them smiling big at Lindy!DSC_1524 Will and Coach Jim Grobe having a heart to heart!DSC_1526 Go Deacs!DSC_1527 DSC_1528 Today before church.  We did the blue chair, just for old times sake!DSC_1533 DSC_1534 Yeah right, Mommy!  The headband came off quickly!DSC_1541

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