Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Backing Up A Bit. The Week Before Turning 3

We had a busy week leading up to the kids’ third birthday. 

Monday morning started with Lindy having vision therapy with Leslie.  The kids got to play with play-doh and got to use scissors for the first time.  I guess they really didn’t use them since they didn’t know how, but they tried! 

Monday afternoon we had a fun thing happen.  We were contacted by Wake Forest Baptist Hospital and we were asked if they could come film us.  They are starting a new website with some parent testimonials on it and we were asked to be included.  They got to the house and they filmed Drew and me playing with the kids for awhile.  Then we put the kids down and they filmed Drew and me talking about our experience with Brenner’s Children’s Hospital.  With about 1.5 hours of footage they will end up with a 2 minute piece!  They are going to put pictures in the piece as well.  We can’t wait to see the final product!  Lindy was all over the camera man and his camera.  She was much more interested in checking out the camera than in being filmed!  We had to peal her off of him and make her play with us.  She made us nervous around such nice pieces of equipment!

Tuesday Lindy had physical therapy with Heather.  Drew actually went with her and they casted her for new braces.  They said she did great.  Normally she is all squirmy and hard to entertain.   While Lindy and Drew were getting braces made, Will and I went out and did a little shopping for the birthday party. 

We left physical therapy and headed straight to Charlotte and we went to the happiest place on Earth:  IKEA!  Drew had a meeting in Charlotte so the kids and I tagged along so we could go to IKEA.  We had 1.5 hours inside and it wasn’t enough.  We were running through the store at the end trying to get out so Drew could get to his meeting.  But I got everything I needed so I was a happy camper!  After IKEA we headed to GrandBob’s house to visit while Drew had his meeting.  We stayed for dinner and as we were nearing leaving the mother of all thunderstorms brewed up, so we stayed a little longer. 

Wednesday morning the kids both had speech therapy with Miss Lawson.  Our LAST speech therapy session with her.  The kids completed the infant toddler early intervention program because they turned 3 on Friday.  From here on out they are served by the school systems.  We have only known Miss Lawson since mid-December but we loved her as a therapist.  She got my babies talking!  Now I wish she’d get them to be quiet sometimes :)  We’ve seen a tremendous growth in their speech since we started speech.  Will is talking up a storm, sings songs and nursery rhymes, and counts in Spanish!  Lindy is talking up a storm too.  She does a ton of repeating but she is saying many 5-6 word phrases on her own as well.  It is so cool to hear them talk!  Miss Lawson is actually moving soon so the kids graduated at the right time.  We wish her luck in her new town and with finding a job.  We will miss her!

Wednesday afternoon we had an impromptu play date with Katie, Claire, and Micah.  They came over to pick up some IKEA stuff I got for Katie so they came in a played for awhile.  It’s always fun to play with friends!

Thursday morning the kids had their very first dentist appointment.  It didn’t really go so well!  Neither were willing participants and both had to be held down so the dentist could look in their mouths.  They got an exam and a fluoride treatment but there was no way they would allow a cleaning.  Will actually had a little plaque on his teeth but Lindy’s looked pretty good.  She asked about the chip in Will’s tooth but we have no clue how it happened.  I have noticed it before but I didn’t know if the tooth had grown in that way.  We can’t name a specific accident where it chipped.  She also said Lindy’s enamel on her front teeth is thinner than normal, leaving her a bigger target for cavities.  She said to just clean her teeth well and that the fluoride would help.    Neither one had any cavities!  yay!!!

Thursday afternoon we had our last official hearing therapy with Miss Chris.  They also stop serving kids at the age of 3.  But because Miss Chris is awesome, she is going to do two more visits in August until Lindy starts preschool.  She doesn’t want Lindy to go a month without services.  Lindy is doing a great job with speech babble and imitating sounds.  Sometimes she picks 3 critical elements with ease and other times she just plays around. 

Thursday evening my parents, Nana and Papa, drove down from Ohio for the big birthday weekend! 

Will is doing amazing at being potty trained!  He had his first pee pee accident last night.  His first all week!  He tells us when he needs to go and makes it in time.  He is able to hold it for 2-3 hours sometimes and only goes because I make him.  He is not poo poo trained yet.   He is trying.  He is telling us just a split second too late.  I think he’ll get it soon.  The most amazing thing is that he is staying dry at naps AND at night.  I’m not surprised about naptime but I’m shocked that he has night trained himself!  He has made it all night a few times and he has woken up in the middle of the night and yelled to us that he needs to go potty.  I’m so glad he has taken care of this by himself :)  Lindy is still a no go.  Although she left the kitchen yesterday and said, “I’ll be right back.  I go pee pee.”  We put her on there but she didn’t go.  She likes to talk about it but won’t go.  She talks the talk but can’t walk the walk!

Next post……The kids’ 3rd birthday on July 30th.

Last Sunday night we ate dinner with some new church members.  They are grandparents and had everything we needed.  Booster seats, toys, potty seats.  Lindy really enjoyed dressing up as a handyman!  She also really enjoyed the homemade ice cream!DSCF9182 Here we are being filmed by Baptist Hospital.DSCF9191 Here is Lindy attacking the camera man and his camera!DSCF9187 And Drew and I being interviewed!DSCF9194 Sweet Boo Boo at GrandBob’s HouseDSCF9197 Will playing hide and seek with GrandBob!DSCF9201Closing his eyes and counting to 10.  Ready or not, here I come!DSCF9210  He was having so much fun!DSCF9207 DSCF9216 After the big storm we saw the brightest rainbow.  Actually a double rainbow!  It’s things like a rainbow that make me sad that Lindy has severe vision loss and might never see a real one in the sky.DSCF9221 Coming home from Charlotte with all our IKEA goods.  The kids passed out,  Lindy fell asleep with her sunglasses on!DSCF9226 Last speech therapy with Miss Lawson.DSCF9227 DSCF9228 DSCF9230 Sweet things!DSCF9233 DSCF9234 First trip to the dentist!  They didn’t enjoy this trip!DSCF9239 DSCF9242 The only thing about the dentist office they liked was the little people door!DSCF9245 Last day as a 2 year old!DSCF9259


Andrea said...

Wow, that all happened in one week! You guys were busy! I know you already know this, but you have a cutest kids! Thanks for sharing.

Amanda said...

Catching up on your blog!! I need you to plan my kids' birthday parties - you did a great job!!! Will needs to teach my Emma how to be potty trained at night!!! I think she likes to pee in her pull up just for old times sake! Hope you guys are doing well!