Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Birthday Party

When planning the kids’ birthday party we wanted something that would represent what they were into right now.  Their two favorite books have been Rainbow Rob and Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.  Thinking that Chicka Chicka Boom Boom would be a lot easier to decorate, we went with it.  I don’t have the invitation on this computer but the invite said: 

A told B and B told C

Lindy and Will are Turning 3!!

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

How’d it happen so soon?

If I say so myself, everything turned out so cute.  My mom and I made a coconut tree cake out of two different cakes and we took our first spin at decorating a cake with the star tip.  All in all it turned out well.  I had fun at the kids’ party, I sure hope the kids did!

DSCF9371 DSCF9367 DSCF9374 Thankfully we had tables set up inside because it rained most of the day.  We used our empty dining room as the party headquarters.  I guess it worked out that our new dining room furniture hasn’t been delivered yet.  DSCF9365 DSCF9360 DSCF9362 We had a little alphabet hunt for the kids.DSCF9385  DSCF9392 Rebecca, the birthday girl from last weekend.DSCF9398 Lindy playing with Berkley.DSCF9399Aunt Anna and Lindy DSCF9376Mimo and WillDSCF9377Aunt Joan and Uncle CurtisDSCF9462Janice!DSCF9395 Ed and Aunt JamieDSCF9421 GrandBob and MollyDSCF9424 Janice, Suzette and my mom.DSCF9423The spread.  DSCF9404 Hand-stamped plates!DSCF9405 Alphabet cookies and chocolate 3’s!DSCF9410 Frozen raspberry 3’s for raspberry lemonade. We also had regular ice in the shape of 3’s.DSCF9411 Waiting for cake!DSCF9439 When we started singing to Lindy she starting waving her arms all around.  It was so funny!DSCF9441 DSCF9445 DSCF9455 DSCF9453 Lindy was apparently worn out when it came time to open presents.  She opened about 2 and then lost all interest in them.  DSCF9465 DSCF9466 DSCF9484The kids got new Wake Forest bag chairs that are so cute! DSCF9490 We got the kids a basketball goal and Will LOVES it!DSCF9496 DSCF9499 The party really got started when I made everyone wear coconuts and pose for pictures.  Strangely enough, all but 2 people did it.  Janice had left before I got everyone else.  She got lucky!DSCF9379  Wendy and BrettDSCF9500 Anna and RileyDSCF9501 Carrie and RebeccaDSCF9505Uncle Ed wasn’t happy about wearing coconuts! DSCF9507 DSCF9508 DSCF9510 Drew’s coconuts were sagging a bit!DSCF9511 Nana and SuzetteDSCF9514 Even Lindy and Will wore them!DSCF9516 Our family at the end of the party.  Fun was had by all.  We wish Adam could be here to be a part of his 3rd birthday party and be in our family pictures.  He is never far from our minds.DSCF9528

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Andrea said...

Cute party theme! O. K. Off to read your other 2 posts.

Helen said...

Oh my goodness, I love, love, love this theme idea! My boys love that book and I never thought to make it a birthday theme! Too bad I've already decided on their birthday party for later this month, or I'd totally steal it.

Just popping by from Multiples and More :)

Cheryl said...

You sure know how to give a party. A great job with the cake.
All the presents..looks like Christmas.

Jodi said...

What an awesome theme! I love that book. It looks like you guys had a great time! Can't believe they are three and that Olivia will be three this month. Wow!

chris said...

love the party decorations!! you are so creative! looked like a great time! :)

Lindsay said...

My daughter is turning 3 at the end of next mth and Chicka chicka is her favorite book too. You did such a great job on the party, ty for sharing your ideas!