Saturday, August 15, 2009

Week in Ohio and Wake Fan Fest

I got back to Ohio last Saturday and I spent the rest of the week with my Mom. My Dad had been out of town on business when we were in NYC but he came home for the weekend. Then he left again so it was just my Mom and me (and Lindy and Will). I had such a great time being home with my Mom. We shopped and played with the kids all week. The kids got so many winter clothes! We found a bunch of deals and a bunch of cute clothes. The kids were great on our shopping trips. Will eventually got a little fussy but every man has their shopping limit, don't they?

One of the highlights of our week was getting to meet a bunch of my mom's friends from school. I've heard so much about them that it's nice to finally meet them. We got to go out for yummy Mexican food, a first for the kids. We also went to Buffalo Wild Wings with the Thursday night group, my parents' friends who go every Thursday night!

Drew flew back up to Ohio on Thursday afternoon and we drove home yesterday (Friday). The kids were so good. They started getting a little fussy about an hour from home but we put our Laurie Berkner CD on repeat and they were instantly quiet the rest of the ride.

After unpacking all day today we went to the Wake Forest Fan Fest. We went last year as well. We met up with Drew's Dad and step mom and had a good time being out on the football field.

The kids got to see Papa for a couple days.
Lindy actually warmed up to Kate, my parents' dog.
Will got a boo-boo while we were in NY. He tripped and fell on the driveway.
My parents borrowed a log cabin from the neighbors and the kids LOVED it. They went in and out and opened and closed the windows a million times.

My parents' friend Pat brought the kids some bubbles and they loved those too.
Mom helped Lindy chase bubbles.
A bubble happened to float by as I was snapping this picture!
My mom introduced the kids to white powdered and little chocolate doughnuts. Both were big hits!
Wearing their NYC souvenir t-shirts.
Will ended up liking the pink car!
Lindy loved her new car. She backed up all around the driveway!
Nana and Lindy
Mom used the kids for her weightlifting exercises.
Here is Will 'sneaking' up on me. He hunches over like an old man. It's so funny.
Nana, Lindy, and Will enjoying their Adirondack chairs.
I think Lindy was saying "I don't want to leave Nana!"
Walking along, hand in hand.
Will and his best bud Kate. He loved her kisses.
Reading books together.
Giving kisses!
Wake Forest fan fest.
Our family with the Demon Deacon.
Suzette, Will, Grandbob, and Lindy.
Lindy and Suzette
Grandbob and Will
Will found some lovely cheerleaders to hit on!
And little Lindy snagged her a cheerleader too!

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