Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday post and pictures

Another week has gone by so it's time for a post. This week really was pretty quiet.

Last Saturday my friend Carina came to visit. I met Carina in grad school at Salem. She was so good with the babies! After Carina left we headed to the Wake Forest Fan Fest at the football stadium. It turned out to be pretty fun. We got to be out on the football field and check out the new Deacon Tower. They had inflatable games for the older kids and they introduced all of the fall sports teams. You could have stood in line to get autographs but the lines were pretty long. Especially for the football team. Will and Lindy both made friends, check out the pictures below!

Sunday we left after church and went to Charlotte to a baby shower. Then we spent the night at Drew's Dad's house. Lindy threw up in the bed and Will didn't sleep in his bed, but other than that it was a nice little visit. What should have been a 1.5 hour trip home turned into a 3+ hour trip because of a tiny bit of road construction.

We pulled in the driveway at exactly 2:45pm, the same time Lindy had an occupational therapy appointment. The OT was waiting for us. She said Lindy is doing well. She gave us some suggestions for helping her to sit up straighter. We introduced the honey bear bottle. It's the honey bear jar that usually comes with honey in them. Therapists use them as bottles with straws. We introduced Lindy to a straw. They use them because they are negative pressure bottles, meaning we can squeeze liquid up through the straw. Therapists do not like regular old sippy cups; they prefer babies be straw trained. Our first adventures with the straw haven't gone too well. Lindy doesn't even like the straw in her mouth. I find it hard to squeeze the milk up the straw. If I actually get it in her mouth then half the time I can't get the milk up the straw. What an adventure. I tried Will with it and he took it a whole lot better. We'll keep trying with Lindy and see what happens!

Wednesday Lindy had her fourth tooth pop through her gum. She has a fifth one that is very swollen and puffy and should be through soon. Will is still content with his two little teeth! Thursday I placed some Puffs on Lindy's high chair tray and she managed to pick one up and put it in her own mouth. She fed herself! There are so many things I never thought I'd have to think about but have had to with a child with vision and hearing loss. I put Puffs on Will's tray and he just eats them. At first I was putting them on Lindy's tray and she can't see them on the white tray. The OT suggested putting them on a dark color so she can see the contrast. When I did that, she saw them and picked them up!

We've tried some new foods this week. Monday they ate broccoli, cheese, and carrots. That smells horrible when you open the baby food jars. And the baby burps that follow are so stinky! Yuck! They tried cottage cheese today at lunch and it seemed that Lindy enjoyed it much more than Will. I smashed up some of the lumps and Lindy ate it. Will was not opening his mouth and was pushing my hand away. But he ate a cup of yogurt great!

So nothing huge this week, just a few small milestones. Have a great weekend.

Carina, Will, and Lindy
The babies at the Wake Forest Fan Fest. Sitting on the 50 yard line of BB&T field, also known as Groves Stadium.
Will and his new friends! He's the man!!
Lindy and I with WFU golden boy, Rusty LaRue.
Our sweet sailor babies.
Will with a bad case of bed head after a nap.

Lindy and her bow!
Mama and her babies.
Our cool wagon with it's cool canapy.
Swinging is hard work !
Lindy attacking the orange lion on the Exersaucer.
Daddy's little sweetie and Mommy's little cutie.
When he's inside, he wants out. When he's outside, he wants in!
It's an overall kind of day around here.


lauren said...

I love the pics at Wake - especially Will and the cheerleaders. What a riot! Rusty LaRue was my hero when we were he lives next to the church members who always dog sit for me! Looks like you all had fun :)

Amanda said...

Where did you get that red, yellow, and blue play yard thing? That's just what I need!

Anonymous said...

I love that picture of "Mama and her babies" I have one like that too with Ella in the background. Your sweet little darlings are growing up. Such cuties!