Friday, August 29, 2008

So Long Oxygen! We Won't Miss You!

Tuesday I talked to the neonatologist clinic that has been keeping up with Lindy's oxygen to ask how long we need to keep it in our house. Lindy has not used oxygen since the middle of July. She asked a few questions and then said she would write the orders to discontinue it!!! They came on Wednesday and picked it all up!! They took all the oxygen and they also took all the monitors. Now we have no clue what she is satting. For the last 13 months we have known exactly what her oxygen saturations have been. It is a little nerve-wracking not to know now. Even thought she hadn't required oxygen for over a month, it was nice to actually know it for sure! We will definitely NOT miss the oxygen and we hope to never see it again!!!!

Lindy's sweet feet with NO sensors taped on!!

The last time we checked her oxygen saturations before they picked the equipment up.

We have had a fairly quiet week. On Wednesday Lindy had her Governor Morehead teacher here for a visit. Then we went to the audiologist for more hearing tests. They are starting to get all the little pieces put together. Each time we go they gather a little more data and are working on a complete audiogram. Lindy does great at these appointments.

It was around Wednesday when Miss Lindy started acting up a little bit. All week we had been having a little trouble getting her to take her bottles. On Wednesday she refused her 3pm and 7pm bottles all together. She drank 11oz of milk that day. We thought maybe it was a fluke, until she did it again on Thursday. She would drink the 7am bottle just fine, drink 5 of 6oz in the 11am bottle and then refuse to have anything to do with the 3pm and 7pm bottles. She was acting completely happy and normal. We were stumped, but frustrated. We knew this was not enough milk for her. Friday she drank her 7am bottle great and then Drew fought with her to get 3oz of the 11am bottle. We called the doctor and we had an appointment for 4pm on Friday, just to make sure nothing was actually wrong. Wouldn't you know she actually drank her bottle around 3:30pm though? They checked her out and couldn't find anything. She is just acting up. Our best guess is she is telling us it's too much for her. She has continued eating her solid foods just fine all week. We are going to drop a bottle and see if we can get her to drink 3 good bottles a day. Keep your fingers crossed!

The other exciting event, well for me, was that Drew took the babies to Charlotte Thursday and spent the night with his dad. This gave me a little over 24 hours of free time!!!! Something I haven't had since last summer when I was on bed rest. I went shopping all day Thursday and didn't have to rush home to feed babies. Friday I spent most of it worrying about Lindy not eating, but I was able to get some little stuff done around the house. I love my babies to death, but a little break was nice! And they behaved for Daddy(except Lindy eating), so maybe he'll do it again sometime!

Willy Will has had a good week. He has spent the entire week pooping. I'm not sure what has upset his stomach so much but we're all about tired of it. I suspect it was the new grapes, plums, and bananas he tried last Sunday but we haven't had anymore of them since Tuesday. So I'm not sure why he is still pooping so much. He has pooped up his back three times this week. He's gotten baths every day but one, and we are usually every other day kind of people. It's been a stinky week around here!

Will had been holding his bottles pretty well lately so one day this week I plopped him in the Boppy and gave him his bottle. He fed himself for the first time. It's nice to know he can do that. It will make it easier when I'm by myself. I still like holding him though and giving him a bottle!

Nothing exciting had happened this week until this morning. Will STOOD by himself this morning! Nana and Papa drove in for a visit last night and Nana and I were playing with the babies in the nursery this morning. He was reaching for a book Nana had and he let go of everything. He fell pretty quickly but for a moment he was standing by himself. We got him to do it a few more times too. He's growing up so fast. Before I know it he'll be walking. Scary!!

Today is the babies' 13 month birthday. Time goes so fast. I swear it was last week when we had their birthday parties.

Have a good weekend. We'll be hanging with Nana and Papa!

Lindy's usual reaction when we try to use the straw bottle.

Two curious boys.

Will feeding himself!

I love this next series of shots. Lindy just looks like she loves Will so much! She always smiles when she sees him.


Emily said...

What is the name of the yellow pulse oximeter you had? My daughter had that for a short period of time and we loved how portable it was but we had to send it back because it measured on average 4% lower than the hospital pulse oximeter and the oximeter we'd had previously. According to the yellow oximeter my daughter needed to be on oxygen when in reality she was okay without it. Apparently our med supply company had a lot of people complaining about it measuring sats low. Did you guys have the same problem? Someone asked me what the name of that pulse oximeter was called and I cannot for the life of me remember now. Haha.

MA said...

Wow...that last picture just melts your heart. It's like you can read their little minds! We hope we can see y'all again soon!

lauren said...

I love the one of Lindy's face with the straw bottle - that's hilarious! I can't remember if you said you already had a site, but I was reading another blog that mentioned creating blog books on Looks cool (and easy!) I know you said you were interested in that one of these days!

Hopefully I'm headed to GUA in about a week!

Jamie said...

Emily, I blew up the picture of the monitor and it says Ohmeda Trusat. Not sure if that is the name you were looking for. I had never heard that it measured 4% lower. We mostly used the white one because it had a waveform on it. We would use the yellow one for going out. It was very light and easy to take out. I hope this whole time she really did need the oxygen. I know a couple times I didn't want to believe her sats so I tried both and they read about the same. Maybe both of mine read low. ha ha! Just so glad we are done with it!