Friday, September 5, 2008

Enjoying the Nice Weather

Nana and Papa were here for the holiday weekend. We had fun visiting with them. They brought down some of their birthday presents that were too large to ship to us. We have had fun playing with them this week.

It's been a pretty quiet week. It's been really nice outside so we have been spending almost every afternoon out in a little shady spot in our yard. Will loves watching the cars go by. One day we watched the guy mow the yard across the street. The fresh air has been great for all of us. It's nice to get out of the house some.

Lindy had Governor Morehead here on Wednesday and then occupational therapy on Thursday afternoon. The Governor Morehead teacher brought us a suction cup plate for Lindy to use. It's blue so she can see light colored food on it well. It'd work great except she just pulls it up off her tray. Either the suction isn't that great or she is super strong. We're still trying to work this one out. The OT is very pleased with her progress. She does dynamic sitting and she reaches for objects to the side of her. She is starting to get a little steadier when she goes back or to the side. She is starting to put her arm out a little bit to stop herself from falling over. She can lean all the way over, basically in half, but she can pull herself back up to the sitting position. Lindy has really been pushing up a lot on her arms in the last week or two. She now has extended arms when she is on her belly. This is good because she'll need that strength to start crawling. Which the OT says is her next milestone. Can't even imagine two of them crawling!!!

We have been giving Lindy three bottles a day and this has been working pretty well. Sometimes she might leave an ounce or two but overall she is drinking them. I've found that she does better when you let her drink the entire thing and burp her at the end. Her entire life we have burped her in the middle. Now if we do then she seems to have little interest in going back to the bottle. So it's been a lot of playing around with her this week.

We are still exploring new foods with the babies. This week they tried scrambled eggs. Both seem to like them but it takes them forever to chew them up and eat them. They have also been eating small bits of carrots. They have both been eating bananas the last two days and both really seem to like them. They are pretty easy to chew up and swallow too. The biggest change they've had this week is the addition of whole milk to their bottles. Until this week the babies have drunk only breast milk. I stopped pumping in June but had enough in the freezer to get them until now. They have about 2 weeks left and then it's gone. We got the go ahead for cow's milk so we are slowly introducing it with mixed bottles. Neither have seemed to mind.

We have continued working with the straw bottle. Neither have suddenly gotten the hang of it yet. This week I started giving them water with their meals. I hadn't started water yet because I thought it would be a pain to thicken. Lindy seemed to like the water today at lunch. It was the most she has let me put the straw in her mouth. We'll just keep trying and apparently one day they should just start sucking!

Will is doing the same. No big milestones for him this week. His latest obsession is balls. Of any sort. He loves holding them and chasing them all around. Today I put the number magnets on the fridge and he thought it was the greatest thing (so did the cat!) He would pull them off and laugh. It was so cute! The other really cute thing he does is when I put his favorite song on the cd player. He knows what I'm doing when I head over to the cd player and he waits for it. As soon as it starts playing he starts smiling and has lately been doing sort of a clap with his hands. It's so cute. The song is called Babyland and it's a really cute song with babies babbling in it. We think Lindy hears it too as she often gets really still when it's on.

Some pictures from the week.

Will 'riding' his first bike. He isn't exactly sure about it yet.
Nana and Papa
Papa teaching the babies to play the bongos.

My mom was talking about how much bigger Will's feet and hands are. Here's a picture to prove it.
Another Lindy crazy hair-do.
Will met his first grasshopper. Papa would have let him hold it if I hadn't been there telling him no!
Enjoying the weather outside. We've been playing with one of their birthday presents - the 3-in-1 sports complex. Will likes the basketball and baseball and Lindy seems to like the football.

I can only imagine that Will is showing Lindy the ball and thinking, "You cannot touch it though."

Our addition of baby gates to the house have allowed Jack and Will to have a few staring contests this week. Poor Jack hasn't figured out how to jump over them yet. He never was a very smart cat!

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Matt said...

These are such great photos! I love the ones with the 3-in-1 sports thing. Has Will managed to get T'd up yet just like his daddy?