Friday, September 26, 2008

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

First thing, I've obviously been messing with my blog. When I open it you can see the font just fine. Please let me know if you ever have a problem reading it. If you know me or have seen nursery pictures, then you know that I have been all about some pink and blue and brown polka dots. When I saw this background I just had to have it!

Secondly, this has been the quietest week we've had in a long time! Not a single appointment or person coming to the house. We had two scheduled for this week, OT and the deaf and hard of hearing teacher, but both got cancelled. I'm not really sure when the last time we had a completely free week was.

But we did get to have a little fun this week. Last Saturday we went to the NC Chili Championship and Rubber Duck Regatta. This was a March of Dimes event. We got to taste a lot of chili and none of our 20 ducks won the regatta. The weather was nice and we all enjoyed a day out of the hosue.

Tuesday we went to town and ran some errands. Did a little birthday shopping for a special person named GrandBob. Happy Birthday GrandBob!!! The kiddos can't wait to see you tomorrow and give you their present. After our errands we went out for lunch and both kids sat in big kid high chairs! It was the first time for Lindy and only the second time for Will. I never have my camera when we eat out so I've yet to get pictures of this. They are pretty cute! Lindy slid down a bit but otherwise did good.

Wednesday we got out for a little park date with Mary Allen, Conner, and Tyler. We met at a park in King and got to have a picinic lunch. It was nice to get out and enjoy some fresh air. It was a little windy from the recent nor'easter we've had blow through but it was otherwise a perfect fall day. The kids got to swing again and enjoyed it just as much this time.

Thursday we had a special visitor come see us. Cheri, one of our favorite NICU nurses, came to visit the babies! She was one of Will's primary nurses and we have missed her. I have recently been watching some of the video tapings I made while in the NICU and Cheri's voice was on there a few times. She was my videographer for the first time I ever held Will and the first time Lindy got a bottle. Cheri was always the best for letting us pick Will up while she changed his bed sheets. We got to 'hold' him like that quite a few times when she was around and we loved it! She brought the babies a really cool new toy for their birthday and she brought me some yummy streusel cakes! She remembered they are one of my favorite snacks. She's so sweet. We loved our visit with her. When you spend 9 hours every day hanging around the NICU for a few months you get to know the nurses. Of course you are happy to get your babies home but you do kind of miss those people when you leave! We hope we get to see her again soon. We'd love to see some of our other nurses sometime too!

That wraps up our week. It was all fun this week for us. I even got to go to town to do a bit of shopping today while Drew watched the babies. He's been letting me get away from the house for a day in town every couple weeks. I really need these breathers and he's been great about letting me go. What a great guy! I was on the hunt for jackets (lightweight and winter) today. Didn't seem to really find what I was looking for. Those of you with kids, where do you get your jackets?

Have a great weekend. If the weather clears up tonight/tomorrow then the babies will be attending their second Wake Forest game tomorrow. Go Deacs!

Without further ado, this week's pictures.

Will obviously thought he needed to help out with Lindy's bath.
The chili championship.

This is the best picture to sum up how Lindy feels about Will. She LOVES him! She always smiles at him when he gets near her. No matter if he is taking her toys or pacifier, knocking her glasses off, or whacking her in the head, she usually just smiles at him. She loves her little brother!
Another new outfit!
Lindy's newest smile. She squeezes her eyes shut, looks down, and smiles. It's so cute but makes it hard to get pictures of her smiling!
This one is the devil in disguise. Can't you just see his mischevious grin!
Nurse Cheri and the babies.
The babies playing with the toy Cherri got them. It's perfect for them. How did she know that I had been wanting this toy?
Have you ever seen Lindy in a pair of zip-up pajamas? NOPE. That's because she wore her first pair this week. Last winter she could never wear them because she always had a sensor on her foot that told us her oxygen saturations. There was nowhere for the cords to come out in zippered pajamas. But since we are oxygen and cord free these days, she can wear pajamas with zippers. It's the little things that you take for granted but that make me excited!
A couple of caged monkeys!
More new outfits! Sadly Will's is already too small. He had his high water pants on today.


Sara said...

Hey! I've bought Seth's winter coats in the past from Sears and Old Navy. The Children's Place usually has good light weight coats and fleece, and I know Old Navy has some cute girl fleece jackets right now. I hope this helps.

melanie said...

Yeah, Sara is right. We usually get our jackets and coats at Children's Place or Old Navy. They are the best! I can read your blog just fine from home, and I think it is adorable! I can't read it at work because we have websense, and apparently all of the cool new features are blocked, so it is a navy background with a black font (not easy on the eyes). But I'll just read from home from now on. I love the picture of Lindy looking at Will - it is soooo sweet! I am glad that you guys got to have a calm week - I know that's nice once in a while.

carrie said...

Check out Burlington Coat Factory for heavier stuff. Old Navy had some cute hoodies. Children's place usually does, too.

lauren said...

A good portion of our stuff comes from the consignment store :) I have a wonderful sleeveless puffy fleece thing from the Carter's outlet, but it's in Burlington...

Isabelle tried zipper pj's for the first time this week too - she woke up in the middle of the night SCREAMING - I think she thought her feet were gone :) Very funny.

angie collinsworth said...

My kids, for lightweight stuff, always wear zip-up hoodies in the fall. I just dug out the 6-9 month stuff and found two hoodies in there for Hannah already. of course, gma has one of those embroidery machines so she always puts something fun on them for them, but they are just wonderful versatile and easy. Walmart usually has some.

Carina said...

I love the new background! It's so cute!!!

Joey said...

The background is great!!! And the babies are cuter than ever. Miss you guys!