Friday, September 19, 2008

Bluegrass and New Hearing Aides

We have had a good week. They go by so quickly. Thanks for all the comments. It is nice to know people are still reading. I wasn't going to continue on if no one was reading! I'm glad we have our regulars and I so wish I knew who all the anonymous people were :)

Last Sunday we took a little family adventure to Greensboro to listen to some bluegrass music. Drew had heard these two women sing recently and he found out they are a group called Polecat Creek. When we saw they were going to be in Greensboro we decided to go. It turned out to be one of the nicest afternoons we have had in a long time. The group played on the back porch of this old historic mansion and we all sat in the backyard. There was a huge oak tree providing lots of shade and a great breeze which was nice since it was actually very hot out. We sat on our blanket and we all had a great time. The babies loved being outside and checking out the new surroundings and we enjoyed the music. The babies sure do garner a lot of attention. It still surprises me how much attention they get. We personally think it's because they are so stinking cute!

Monday Lindy had a physical therapy appointment. We really like our therapist. One reason I like her so much is she likes Lindy so much! She started working with the babies in the NICU, back when you would barely touch them and they would desat. She can't believe the progress Lindy has made and can't believe how well she is doing for a child with Grade 3 and Grade 4 brain bleeds (4 is the worst you can have). She gave me more helpful hints on how to help her sit up straighter and I really feel like they are helping this week. She also worked with her on crawling and she said Lindy isn't too far away. Two crawlers might rock my world; one is bad enough! She will see her again in 2 months to reevaluate her. She said if Lindy starts to plateau or she is on the cusp of walking we might need to increase her PT visits. But right now she is progressing really well and nowhere near walking so we can stick to every 2 months just to check her.

Wednesday we had a little party at our house. Lindy's deaf and hard of hearing teacher, her vision teacher, and our early intervention specialist were all at the house at the same time. Leslie our vision teacher brought us the coolest trays. I have been looking for something to use to put objects up higher for Lindy. This is definitely one of the reasons why she doesn't sit up as straight as possible because she is always hunched over to see something on the floor. Leslie found these trays that are the perfect height for her. We've used them the rest of the week and I love them! I think they really help. Of course I have to supervise Will or he is liable to pick it up and body slam Lindy with it!

Thursday we headed to town for a hearing appointment but before that we stopped by our friend Lauren's house and got to meet little Isabelle. She is a cutie! Lauren adopted her from Guatemala. It was nice to meet the little one I've been reading about for awhile!

The hearing appointment went really well. We got new hearing aides! They are smaller than her other ones which is really cool. They are a brand new model and the company was nice enough to trade them out for us. We hope it helps with the flopping issue. The only thing I don't like is that they are not all pink. They have to switch out the bottom piece and replace it with a piece that works with our FM system. This FM system piece doesn't come in pink yet. So most of the hearing aid is pink and the bottom is a tan color. But since this is a new model we are hoping they are working on getting the other colors and can switch as soon as a pink one is made. They also gave us a new device to help try and keep them on her ears better. It is a little plastic tube that hooks on the hearing aid and wraps around her ear. They do seem to help a little bit. We're willing to try anything! Although she actually does a lot better with the hearing aides these days. Now if she would just leave her glasses alone! Back to her appointment, she did great. They did ear specific testing and they were able to get everything they needed. Someone asked me recently and I guess I have never said, but her hearing is the same in both ears. She has a moderate loss in the low frequencies and it slopes off to a severe loss in the high frequencies. Up until now we have assumed her hearing was the same but the testing we did on Thursday confirmed our suspicions.

That sums up our week. Hope you all have a lovely weekend. We are going to a March of Dimes fundraiser tomorrow - a chili championship and rubber duck regatta! Looks like it will be a nice day for an afternoon out.

Our afternoon of bluegrass. Lindy was a big fan!

Little man enjoyed it too. New cute fall clothes for the babies. Check out the shoes. HOW CUTE! I've just recently discovered baby shoes and it could become a dangerous addiction!
We took an afternoon stroll in a new little wagon. They were so funny. Lindy loved being so close to Will!
It was a little cramped but they had fun in it!
The babies were playing a little game of Simon on our cool new tray today. Look at how straight Lindy's back is.
An example of Lindy sitting up better these days. Also a picture of her new hearing aides, although you can't really see that the bottom is a tan color because there is a plastic piece covering it. Not sure how well you can see the little plastic tube that wraps around her ear either.


Anonymous said...


You know I am a fan of your blog!! Never miss a week. So glad Lindy is doing so well with her PT! Let's coordinate for the next ballgame. Have a great weekend!

Melanie said...

I'm definitely still a blog faithful too! southernbabies.blogspot is a tab on my internet at home and at work. I never miss a post. I sneak a peak everday just to be sure you didn't get in a midweek post or something. Lindy looks great sitting up - you can really tell a big difference! Never stop blogging! I assure you that I will always be reading.

lauren said...

So do they use the same batteries?!?!? Glad things went well!

Jamie said...

Oh yeah, NO they don't use the same batteries!!! They take the smaller batteries like we had for the loaner aides we once had. I haven't broken the news to my dad yet!

becca said...

I'm one of those anonymous ones as well! Love reading your blog!

melanie said...

Jamie, what in the world is going on? I looked earlier today and you had changed the color of your font, and I thought, "Ew, I hope she doesn't leave the font that color, I can barely read it." Then I just clicked over, and I was like, "Wow! What in the world?!" I like it! It's kinda psychodelic (sp?), but it adds personality. You go girl - decorate it up!