Friday, September 12, 2008

Another Week Bites the Dust

Another week has passed us by. This one was a slow week.

Last Saturday we took the babies to their first ever Wake Forest football game. We had debated all week because of hurricane Gustav bringing rain in. It even rained early Saturday morning but it cleared off and became a beautiful day. We cancelled the babysitters and took the kids. It was a little hot for about 45 minutes but then the sun went behind the new Deacon Tower and it was much better. There was a breeze every once in awhile that was nice. The babies did really good. Lindy was, as always, a dream baby. Will did well but he got scared a couple times with all the yelling and such. He had been woken up from a nap and was still tired. He finally fell asleep for a little while in the fourth quarter but woke up to see Sam Swank kick a field goal with 3 seconds left to win the game. What an exciting first game they went to!!

Tuesday Lindy and I went in and met a friend for some Target shopping and lunch. We both enjoyed getting out of the house and seeing Mary Allen and her one year old Tyler. I wasn't brave enough to take two babies and do lunch with them. Hopefully we can have more play dates soon.

Lindy had her Deaf and Hard of Hearing teacher come on Wednesday. She is still pleased with Lindy and her new listening skills. Speaking of her hearing, her audiologist called on Friday with some cool news. The audiologist was talking to the Phonak representative (the brand of Lindy's hearing aides) and they said they have a new, smaller version of Lindy's hearing aides. They said they would switch them with us if we were okay with that. Ummm, yes, we're definitely okay with smaller hearing aides! I can't wait to see if they help at all with the constant flopping. We go this coming week for a hearing test so we'll hopefully get them then.

Friday we went to the hopping town of King for lunch and to run an errand. On the way home we stopped at the park and walked for a little bit. On the way out I saw the baby swing in the playground area. We had to stop and check it out. The kids enjoyed it a lot!

Lindy is continuing to push up on her arms pretty good. I think I've seen her a couple times acting like she is trying to scrunch her butt up a little. Maybe trying to get on her knees? She doesn't get there but she is possibly trying a little bit. Will has been standing a few more times this week. Not for long but small bits of time. I haven't caught any pictures of it yet.

Seriously, it's been a boring week around here. It was rainy and cool so we were cooped up inside most of the week. Next week looks to be much more hectic.

Is anyone still reading my blog?

Game day babies!

Lindy 'riding' the bike. She was more interested in the confetti that moved down by the handles.

The side ways picture. It had been awhile since we did one!

I caught Lindy with her leg cocked up again. She'll cock her leg up on about anything!

Our park adventure!
One of my new favorite pictures of Lindy. I love her expression and raised eyebrow!
P.S. I want to tell Lauren congratulations! After a very long wait, she was finally able to bring her new daughter, Isabelle, home with her from Guatamala this week! We're so happy for you!!


Joey said...

I'm still reading!!!! Glad to hear things are going well. Miss you guys :-)

MA said...

We are blog faithfuls!
Love the swing pics! :)

carrie said...

Read it every week, and so do a lot of the folks around here who have been following you guys for a year now!

lauren said...

Yes, I'm still reading and loving it! Thanks for the congrats :) We are working on getting settled in and Isabelle is doing great, considering everything she has been through!

Anonymous said...

Each Monday morning I read your blog and say a prayer for your precious family.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am still reading and enjoying your updates! I love the swing idea, I never thought about putting both twins in there...I will have to try it!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, we are certainly still reading and enjoying all the Lindy and Will pictures! : )

Anonymous said...

Love the WFU gray T-shirts on Will and Lindy. Where did you get them?Would love to get Micah one. (No baby yet.) Enjoy your blog so much.

Joyce Bryant

Jamie said...

Hey Mrs. Bryant! The WF shirts are actually homemade. Drew's Dad and stepmom just got the babies plain gray shirts and then bought the little WF patches at the Deacon Shop. His stepmom just sewed the patch onto the shirt. We plan to take it off when they outgrow them and just sew it onto a larger shirt next year! Can't wait to hear news of baby girl Bryant!

Anonymous said...

How smart! Thanks for info. They look the most like each other in that picture. Maybe it's because they are dressed the same. JB

(Have you seen Todd and Amy's girls yet?)

Anonymous said...

The Blues are still reading! You are all looking great! Except Drew, but that would take some surgery to accomplish. Ha ha. Love ya, Drew. Let's talk soon!
Tim B.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is still one of my daily reads :-)
Thanks for continuing to post all the news and great pics!

Anonymous said...

I still check your blog. I love the picture of them in the swing. That looks like so much fun!

Anonymous said...

I check the blog weekly. Actually I check it more than once a week in hopes you sneak in an update besides on Fridays :) angie c.