Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Lindy and Will!!!

I know this post is a week late. We've been out of town.

The babies turned 1 year old on Wednesday, July 30th, 2008. We simply cannot believe they are one year old. Where does time go? Some other family blogs I have read on the internet did not do big celebrations for their premature babies’ one year birthday. They had a hard time accepting they are a year old, when they weren't supposed to be. Yes, it's hard to accept it since they should only be around 9 months old. But Drew and I felt that we needed to celebrate the accomplishments that both babies have had the last year. We wanted to celebrate the obstacles they have overcome. We are so proud of how they have blossomed the last year and we wanted big celebrations to mark the day.

Of course for Drew and I the day also brings about some mixed feelings for us. We wish more than anything that Adam could have been with us, celebrating his first birthday and eating his birthday cake. It should have been three babies, not two. Drew and I are pretty guarded about the subject but we miss him more than words can ever describe.

Most of you know the story of the last year. The babies were born at 25 weeks and 2 days. The babies fought in the NICU for many long months. Will came home after 100 days, on November 6th, 2007. 50 of those days he spent at least some part of the day on a ventilator. Lindy came home on December 19, 2007, after 143 days in the NICU. She spent at least some part of 95 days on a ventilator.

They have come so far. Lindy easily takes her bottles and easily eats her rice cereal, oatmeal, fruits and vegetables. So far there is nothing she does not like. She has begun eating almost full sizes of Puffs. She does continue to have thickened milk. Her biggest accomplishment has been to come off oxygen during her waking hours. She is tank free during the day. She is still debating whether she needs the oxygen during sleeping times. We haven’t used it for almost two weeks so we shall see. Lindy has done so well overcoming her hearing and vision issues. We know she sees. Even without her glasses on we know she sees us. We are pretty sure she hears us as well. We have seen her definitely turn in response to sound. It is exciting to see that! Despite her severe hearing and vision loss, she is the happiest baby we have ever seen. She smiles all the time. She looks at us and smiles and it melts our hearts. She has the sweetest smile you’ve ever seen. The addition of her two bottom teeth make it even cuter! She has also started cutting her top left tooth. Teething has been a nonissue for Miss Lindy. If she has been in pain, we can’t tell. She has started rolling over completely and sitting for shorts periods of time unsupported. She loves to bear weight on her sweet, chunky legs. Overall, she is doing awesome!

Will is doing so well, also. He easily takes his bottles and happily eats his rice cereal, oatmeal, fruits and vegetables. So far there is nothing he does not like. He eats full sizes of Puffs now. On the way to Missouri I would hand him a Puff and he would take it from me and put it in his mouth. This was the first time he had actually gotten them in there. While in Missouri he picked Puffs up off his highchair tray and ate them. Another first for him. He also continues to have thickened milk. One might not know Will was ever a premature baby. He has excelled developmentally since he came home. He is on target in most areas with his adjusted age. He rolls, crawls, and pulls up now. He loves standing on his chunky legs. Will is really fun to be around. He has an infectious smile and laugh. He is a people person. He lights up when new people come in the room. He has become a terror on knees. He is into everything he can get his hands on. He makes a beeline for everything he is not supposed to touch! He babbles away all day long. He loves when Lindy makes noises and has recently found our cat Jack to be very entertaining.

Our kids have some of the best temperaments I have ever seen. We have truly been blessed with such happy, laid-back children. They have proven time and again that they are little fighters. It’s been a heck of a year. We hope the next year will start of better than the last, but we hope that the babies continue to thrive and develop as they have this past year.

Their actual birthday was spent in Missouri with my family. The day was spent getting ready for another big party that evening which a lot of my family and friends came to. I’m so happy the babies got to meet their extended family and have them help celebrate. Enjoy the pictures!

Happy 1st Birthday Lindy. She woke up surprised that it was her special day!
Happy 1st Birthday Will. He was excited it was his special day!
A little birthday breakfast.
Good birthday breakfast eats!
The most precious first birthday girl EVER!
The most precious first birthday boy EVER!
Just a couple of 1 year olds!
These were there party shirts. Thanks Aunt Amy!
Their Missouri birthday cakes.

The babies eating their cake!
Lindy knew exactly what to do this time. As soon as I sat it down she immediately put her hand in it and then started sucking that thumb! She must have a sweet tooth!
Will was a little unsure at first. The frosting had a definite texture to it and at first he was just feeling it. With a little help from his mother, he was able to smash through it. And then he knew what to do. He remembered that sweet stuff from the week before!
This time Lindy made the bigger mess. She was pink all over!
Will's smashed cake.
Lindy's hard work.
Celebrating the big day with cousin Hayley.

Cousins Lauree, Cassie, and Ruby were in MO from Colorado.

Some friends, Erin and Philip and their daughters Ella and Katherine and Carolina (twin girls) were there. My sister's best friend Shelly was there. My sister and Lee are on the right.
Me and my Great Uncle Truman. The babies great great uncle.

My sister, Amy, holding sweet baby Rylee, more cousins Ken and Nancy, my mom, and another cousin Sandy.

The kids table, Christina, Ella, and Hayley.

More family: cousin Chris, Uncle Truman, cousin Julianne (with her back to the camera) and Uncle Jim.

We didn't get a picture of everyone but also at the party: Cousins Susan and her kids Christina and Danny; Cousins Janet, Chris, and their kids Julianne and Nicholas; Barb and Merle; Lori and her son Shawn and daughter Kylie; Aunt Sue; Cousin Lyndsey; Cousin Natalie and her son Gabe.


Tonya Montrief said...

Happy Birthday Lindy and Will!! Girl you CELEBRATE their birthdays. Preemies or not those babies are miracles!!! It is a tremendous blessing those babies made it through that long year!! They are so adorable. I tried to email you the other day. I think your email address has changed. Email me your new address so we can keep in touch. Give those babies a big hug. They are PRECIOUS!!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It Looks Like You Guys Had A Lot Of Fun! Hope You Enjoyed It :P

lauren said...

Glad to hear you guys had a good trip and (another) great celebration! I can't imagine trying to balance the joy of the day with the loss of Adam, but I'm so glad you were able to be surrounded by so much of your family!