Saturday, July 26, 2008

1st Birthday Party - Round 1 - Success!

Today we had Round One of the babies' 1st birthday party! (They are having another one in Missouri on their actual birthday!) We had friends and family over for a cookout and then our church friends joined us for cake and ice cream. Drew and I felt that it was a big hit. Our friends' kids had fun with the pool and slip and slide. Lindy and Will did awesome all day - even with very little sleep! They got to taste their first sweet stuff and seemed to really enjoy it! It was a hot day filled with a lot of love for two precious little babies who have come a long way this past year! Thanks to everyone who came and helped us celebrate. Thanks to our families for helping us out today!

Nana Crozier made the birthday outfits!

We sang individually to each baby.Singing to Will.
Diving into their cakes.

"Daddy, this is so much fun!"
Will's masterpiece.
Lindy's damage.
Our little family.
The Asheboro kids at the party. Will is loving life with all the ladies!
(Mia, Anna, Riley, Berkley, Lindy and Will)
That must have been a funny joke that Riley just told Lindy!
The birthday babes. Still happy after a long hot day! The sugar might have helped out a little at this point!
Both babes went to sleep pretty quickly tonight. What a great 1st birthday party. They can't wait for Round 2. They will be pros at digging into the cake!!


Kristi said...

Hi Southern family,

I'm a CCC person and have been following your blog since Lindy and Will were born. What a year! It has been a joy to watch them thrive in your care and I just had to comment on the adorable pictures of them enjoying their first tastes of cake! You are in our prayers as your sweet babies continue to grow!

Kristi Miller

Anonymous said...

hi, you don't know me but i've been following your blog for sometime now. i'm a mom of a 24 week preemie. her 1st birthday is coming up in a couple of months and i just wanted to know if you did anything special to the cakes that the babies ate. i've been trying to do a little research about what other moms have done but alot of them just give their babies fruit and let them make a mess with it. I want her to have a real birthday party i know she won't remember it but lots of things in her life have not been normal i want this to be something she can look back on and it be normal.

my daughter does the same thing with her milk she can't take it unless its like pudding. they keep telling us she will grow out of it but i'm starting to wonder. i couldn't even give her juice if i wanted too.
ps. happy birthday