Friday, July 11, 2008

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This has been a pretty boring week. The week after vacation is never fun!

Wednesday afternoon Lindy had a Governor Morehead visit. We are switching teachers soon so we had our last appointment with our old teacher, Susan, and got to meet our new teacher, Leslie. We will miss Susan but Leslie seems very nice.

Thursday Lindy went to the Special Infant Care Clinic, the follow-up NICU clinic. They said she weighed 15 pounds 9 ounces. Her excellent weight gain seems to have leveled off some. Since the last time she was weighed we have dropped a late night bottle and stopped adding the high calorie formula to her bottles. So she isn't gaining quite as fast. They agreed that she was doing well off the oxygen during the days, but I talked to them about my concerns for nap time and night time. Apparently she can't decide whether she needs the oxygen or not (when she is sleeping). She will go for 1-2 weeks and will sat in the desired range (92-98) and then out of nowhere she will stop satting well while sleeping. My major concern was that she dips down into the 80's but then usually comes up pretty quickly. I didn't know how many of these dips are okay before we put the oxygen on. They gave me some guidelines to follow and according to those she still needs the oxygen while sleeping, at least this week she does. She did so well at the beach last week and then when we got home she started satting lower. Maybe she is trying to tell us to move to the beach! We'll kick this oxygen habit one day. We can handle it as long as it's just during the sleeping times.

I think I forgot to mention that Lindy's hearing aides broke while we were at the beach. One went completely dead and the other kept cutting in and out. They were able to fix one in the office but had to send the other one back to the company. So this week we have just had one hearing aid. I noticed the lenses on Lindy's glasses are full of scratches from her new little teeth. She thinks she has a built in teething toy on her head. We are constantly taking them out of her mouth. I just realized that she has actually been scratching the lenses though. They kept saying that they wouldn't break and you could chew on them but apparently they meant the frames and not the lenses! Lindy missed that memo!

Willy Will is chugging right along. Literally, he chugs right along the floor, to wherever he can make it to. It's getting to be a chore to chase him around! He is getting fast with his wounded soldier crawl. He is rocking a lot on his knees but no forward movement yet. He has started nibbling on his toes quite a bit lately. He managed to get one in his mouth quite awhile ago but then seemed to lose interest in it. He has rediscovered them this week and they must taste good!

Will has continued to be entertained by Lindy this week. One evening they were sitting in their high chairs and Lindy started getting upset. Sometimes when she gets upset she makes herself sick. Watch out when she does, she spits up big time. So she proceeds to throw up most of her sweet potato dinner and what does Will do, he laughs. He thought it was so funny! Mama on the other hand did not find cleaning it up off the floor to be so funny.

Enjoy some pictures of the week.
My little ducklings.

I think this is so funny! Lindy has a little devious side to her! She usually is the one getting picked on, so I'm glad she had some fun picking on Will!

Sweet Will. He was so cranky that day and he let Drew rock him to sleep for a post dinner little catnap.
Precious Lou-Lou

Babies in Red (Sung to the tune of Lady in Red).
I tried a new pose. It didn't work too well. Will was too busy looking at himself and Lindy was wondering what in the world was going on!
This is one of the Governor Morehead toys Susan brought. Will found it and took it over. He thinks he is one handsome man. Enough people tell him how cute he is that he is starting to believe it!Friday we had our friends Jamie and Mia come visit. Jamie is one of my best friends from high school. Mia is 21 months old. She had a lot of fun chasing our cat around the house. Getting pictures of multiple youngins is always an adventure! We managed to get a pretty decent one!

Will looks like he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar!

Lindy has been sitting in a box this week! Why you might ask? Because her crazy mama saw on some other people's blogs that it can help babies learn to sit up. So her crazy mama will try anything! She does some serious slouching when she sits so we are trying to help. It is still being determined as to whether this is actually helping. (I just realized that she is sucking on Will's pacifier in this picture. They like to steal each other's paci's!)

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