Monday, July 7, 2008

Beach Bums!

We rolled in from a week at the beach today and although it is always nice to get back home, we hated leaving the beach. What a wonderful, glorious week we had. It was my first vacation since summer 2006 and boy did I need it!

We left last Sunday, June 29th and drove down to Oak Island, NC, where Drew's mom has a house. From Sunday until Tuesday Drew’s brother Ed and his kids Corbyn and Molly were there. Then Drew’s sister Anna came on Thursday night. We had a ton of fun and the babies enjoyed their cousins and aunt and uncle. We enjoyed all the help!

The babies did so well at the beach. We fortunately had the coolest tent that the babies slept and played in each morning. We usually took the babies down in the morning and went back to the house around noon. We also had a little blow up pool that the babies could play in. They both seemed to like the waves and the sand between their toes. Will really seemed to like the waves. He smiled and was laughing at them. Lindy seemed a little more content in the baby pool splashing away. She loves to splash!

The babies really did so well this past week, especially since they were thrown off their schedule. We compromised our good morning naps and made sure they got good afternoon naps. They were so good when we took them out to eat a few times. I think we seriously have the two best babies in the world!

On Friday we celebrated the Fourth of July in Southport at the NC 4th of July parade. It was a nice parade, just a little long for us. The babies were once again so great though. It was hot and they handled it like troopers. The parade had the most Shriners you have ever seen. Will did enjoy watching the little go-carts.

Lindy had a couple firsts this week at the beach. Tuesday morning we woke up and found her sleeping on her belly. She had been rolling for about a week but this was the first time she had done it at night. We found her this way a couple more times during the week and we noticed her oxygen saturations were much higher than when she is on her back. Maybe she needs to become a belly sleeper! Her other first was that she did one complete roll for the first time on Thursday. She started on her back, rolled to her belly and then kept on rolling right back to her back. We have another roller in the house! I used to could put her in the middle of the bed and know she was going to stay there. Not anymore!

Will did not have any firsts but he did seem to become very aware of Lindy this week. At the beach one day he actually started laughing at her! They were in the baby pool and as usual, she was splashing away. He thought it was so funny and started laughing every time she splashed him. It was so cute!

All in all it was just a wonderful vacation. We couldn’t have asked for better weather the whole week. The babies did great and Drew’s mom was so awesome to stay at the house a bunch with the babies in the afternoons so we could get a little more beach time in. If only we lived a little closer we would be down there so much more often!

Enjoy a ton of pictures! I just couldn’t choose between them!

On the way to the beach for the first time.

The babies were not impressed the first day! The walking and carriers and wind and waves put them right to sleep! First cute outfits of the week.
Second beach day.
Second beach day. First time putting Will's feet in the ocean!
First time putting Lindy's toes in the ocean.
Our little blow up baby pool.
Will loved waves!
Our cool tent that the babies slept and played in. My sweet beach bums.
Longing to get down there to the water!
The most precious sweet girl ever!
Lindy Lou in the waves.

Another sweet outfit on a sweet baby girl. Sweet boy, who by the way is starting to look so old!
Cute demin outfits.
4th of July outfits! Of course I had appropriate holiday wear for the babies!
Our little patriotic girl!
Sweet babies who love the USA! At the Fourth of July parade in Southport.
Will loved watching the Shriners go carts and little motorcycles!
Our Fourth of July family!
Lindy's risque bathing suit!
Cute beach bums! Aunt Anna and Mimo with Lindy and Will.
Mimo and her grandkids.
Our little family on our last night at the beach. So sad to be leaving!
On the way home I managed to get a picture of Lindy's two bottom teeth! Aren't they so cute. Will is teething like crazy but no actual teeth yet!


Melanie said...

I am so glad that you guys had a good experience on your first vacation! I love the pictures - too cute! Man they are really growing fast! I can't believe that they have a birthday coming up - it doesn't seem possible. Things seems as though they are becoming almost "normal" for you guys - I am so happy for you! Keep the pictures coming!

lauren said...

Glad you guys got the chance to get away and that everything worked out so well!!! I love the pic of Lindy's teeth - what a riot!!!