Monday, August 24, 2009

Week of Fun and Sun and Sadness

We were busy last week and then went to the beach for the weekend. We've barely been home this month!

The whole week was a fun week though. I got to see two of my good friends from high school on Monday. We met at Wendy's house for a little play date. The kids got more birthday presents that they have loved. We loved seeing Jamie, Mia, Wendy, Riley, and Berkley!

Tuesday was our appointment day. Lindy had PT bright and early at 8am in the morning. It's a 30 minute trip so we were up earlier than normal. We also didn't get to meet with our regular therapist as she was on vacation. The PT we saw was very nice but I think Lindy was a little tired and that made her a little clingy. She wasn't her normal happy go lucky self but she still did well. This PT did say that she still isn't completely stable while standing so that even if she does take steps that she will have trouble stopping and staying standing. Which is exactly what happens. She takes steps and then falls down. She has to figure out how to stop!

We also had Lindy's hearing therapy on Tuesday morning. Chris has been extra sweet lately and bringing extra things for Will. I've been including him in all our sessions lately because it's basically a speech therapy session for him.

Milestone of the week - Lindy finally had one of her 2 year molars break through. She got her 17th tooth last week. Normally teething is not something that bothers Lindy but these molars are a different story. I don't have a clue the last time she actually got Tylenol because of her teeth. But she definitely started getting it last week. She was a fussy girl!

And if Lindy was fussy from teething - well Will was a whole other story. Teething has always bothered him pretty badly and these molars are no exception. If she was fussy last week, he was SUPER fussy last week. He was happy to get his sweet Tylenol again! He has really been showing his two year old self lately. It's hard to say if it's the terrible two's or just teething. He gets mad and stomps his feet. He has been a terror on the changing table. He gets mad when we change his diaper now. It's not much fun.

On the other hand, we think Will is starting to say a lot more things. His new favorite word is "Hi." The last couple weeks whenever he sees you he throws his hand up in the air and says "Hi!" But it's no regular "Hi." It's the most southern sounding "Hi" you have ever heard. It's long and drawn out and so cute! He also says "Right there" when we are looking in books and ask where something is. We think he's asking, "What's that?" a lot of times. He seems to be trying to say some new words when I prompt him. He gets kind of shy and a lot of times he won't even try them around me. He definitely won't show off in front of other people though!

On to our beach trip. We left Thursday afternoon and headed down to Oak Island to Drew's mom's beach house. The four of us hit the beach Friday morning and had a great time. We did get run off by a storm that blew up but it was gone in 10 minutes and we were back down there for a gorgeous morning. Friday afternoon Drew's dad and stepmom got there and a little later his mom and sister got there. We all went out to eat at our favorite seafood restaurant and got ice cream. We didn't have the best beach day on Saturday. We headed down there early but the tide was so high that we couldn't set out our blankets and towels. It wouldn't go away either because of Hurricane Bill making the waters rough. We finally headed home for the morning and went back out after the kids' naps. Then we got run off the beach again because of another storm that blew up! We finally called it a day! I did get to hang out with one of my old college roommates on Saturday which was a ton of fun. We did have one more great beach morning on Sunday and we headed home that afternoon. We stopped in Durham on the way home for dinner with some good friends and didn't get home till 9pm.

The sad news of the week is that my grandmother passed away early Sunday morning. She had been in the hospital for a week. She was my last living grandparent. Because she lived in Missouri I didn't get to see my grandparents as often as I would have liked. I am glad that I was in Missouri in May and we did get to see her then. I did get to talk to her on the phone last week as well. She was 88 years old and had lived a good life. My grandparents' wedding anniversary was on August 22 and she passed away at 3:55am on the 23rd. Although she was four hours late, I hope my grandparents had an amazing anniversary celebration and reunion. I will be flying out to Missouri tomorrow for the funeral on Wednesday. Because of many different factors it didn't work out for Drew and kids to come with me. I wish they could be there but they can't.

And finally, pictures.

Another cute church dress.
Leaning on Daddy.
Playing with Mia on Monday. What a cutie!
All five kids in the Steelers/Theatre room. Lindy was making herself comfortable!
A cute picture of Lindy and Riley.
A decent picture of all five of them together! They were gone 3 seconds after I took this!
Berkley, Mia, Riley, Will and Lindy.
She was basically stuck in the bean bags!
I've started letting the kids watch a little TV while I get dinner ready. Will has loved sitting in his new chair and Lindy sometimes acts like she actually sees what is on the TV. Until last week she has never paid attention to the TV. I'm not sure why that excites me, but it does. Just more validation that she sees!
Our little Energizer Bunnies. They seriously keep going and going and going.
Lindy actually enjoyed herself at the beach this time. The water was warm, just how the little princess likes it.
Once again, Will LOVED the beach. He loves every aspect of the beach.
A girl after my own heart. She thought my bottle was a good toy.
Grandbob, Suzette, and the kids on the porch swing.
Mimo and Will.
Aunt Anna and Mimo at the Provision Company.
Me and my baby girl!
We found this huge horseshoe crab on the beach. Thankfully it wasn't alive.
My crazy friend Cathy picked it up!
Lindy enjoying the water. Drew and Will playing in the waves.

Suzette enjoying the tide pool.
Grandbob and Will in the tide pool.
Grandbob, Drew, and the kids.
Trying out the sunglasses.

Silly girl!

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