Sunday, August 2, 2009

2nd Birthday Recap

The kids are officially two! We have had a good time celebrating with them this week. We had a birthday party for them on Saturday.

On Thursday, their actual birthday, we got their 2 year pictures taken bright and early. The kids did great and we got some great pictures. Lindy was a little model. She had a great time. Will was pretty apprehensive but in between not being sure about everything he would smile and so we got great shots of him too. We took the kids out to lunch for their birthday to Buffalo Wild Wings (so maybe it was more for us!). Will loved his chicken but Lindy didn't seem to like it much. Will was in hog heaven with all the tv's in there. Then we took them to the mall and they got to ride the carousel for the first time ever. They were so cute! We think they enjoyed their special treat!

Thursday was also spent opening presents and talking (okay listening) to family on the phone and computer. Drew and I got the kids a kitchen and so far they LOVE it! They also got a picnic table from my sister, cool chairs with their names on them from Mimo and Aunt Anna, a t-ball set, aquadoodle, and clothes from Grandbob and Suzette, play food for the kitchen from Uncle Ed, Jamie, Molly and Corbyn, and lots of great clothes from many other people.

Saturday was the day of their birthday party. Because of changing plans and sickness from our friends and their kids, we ended up with a small family party. It turned out nice though and the kids had a great time. They didn't have a clue that their friends weren't able to come.

We had a monkey birthday party for the kids. We had a monkey invitation and it said, "Monkey See, Monkey Do, Lindy and Will are turning 2!" It was perfect for them since they copy each other all the time. We had monkey plates, cups, and napkins. Drew and I made a monkey bean bag toss game. We drew and painted a monkey. I made monkey material bean bags for the game. I even had a monkey pinata but we didn't end up using it since there were no kids. We had pizza for dinner and monkey cupcakes and chocolate covered bananas for dessert. The kids ate pizza for the first time ever and seemed to enjoy it, even though it took them a long time to chew up the crust. They really loved their cupcakes! Just as she did on Thursday evening, Lindy made a mess of the cupcake and herself. Will on the other hand ate his quite deliberatly and therefore stayed pretty neat and clean. A big difference between the two! Lindy enjoyed swinging and playing with her cousin Molly and aunt Anna. Will enjoyed playing t-ball and running wildly through the yard. You can definitely tell when Little Man eats sugar!

We hope the kids had a wonderful second birthday. Drew and I had fun celebrating with them. I still can't believe they are 2!

It's our 2nd birthday!
Happy Birthday Lindy and Will!
The kids love the phone that came with the kitchen.
Listening to one of the many well wishers who called on Thursday.
Lunch at BWW.
Their first carousel ride!

Whenever he would see me he'd throw up his hand and yell "Hi!"
Talking to Hayley and Aunt Amy on the computer.
Opening presents and talking to Nana and Papa on the computer.
He was saying, "MMMMM" in this picture!
Messy girl!
Drew and his birthday kids.
Me and my birthday kids.
Hey, what's that?
We love our new table!
The kids in their birthday party outfits!
Jamie and Molly
Janice and Lindy
Lindy, Will and Mimo
Aunt Joan and Uncle Curtis
The dessert table. We lit our candle for Adam.
The monkey cupcakes!
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Lindy, Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Will, happy birthday to you!
Lindy knows how to enjoy a cupcake!
He finally got a little messy on his face.
Do you think they had fun?
Sitting in their cool new chairs!
"Hey, what's that say back there?"
Relaxing after opening some presents.
Grandbob teaching Will how to hit the ball.
He really liked his new toy!
Lindy and Aunt Anna
Lindy swinging and looking cool with Molly.
Mimo and Lindy
Drew playing the bean bag toss. (Which by the way, I won!! I got one in from the farthest distance!)
Our little family.


pohren said...

Happy Birthday Ms. Lindy and Mr. Will! Looks like you all had quite a celebration! I see you may have discovered skype...we have too as of this past week. It really is popular with the grandparents!

Amanda said...

So funny - we just bought our kids a kitchen for their upcoming bday, and I was just looking at taht same monkey stuff! Where did you get it all? So far I've only seen it at Birthday Express and they don't have much.

lauren said...

Congrats! Big day in your house! We have last season's model of the same kitchen and Isabelle loves it! She's started fixing food/drinks to give to the dogs! All of your monkeys are adorable!

mark said...

Wonderful... looks like lots a fun monkeying around! Congratulations!

Unknown said...

The monkey stuff turned out so cute!! So glad they had a great birthday. Can't wait to hear about your trip!!