Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Appointments and Our Christmas

I need to do a regular post this week to write about the kids appointments.  And the kids opened their gifts from us this morning.

Tuesday morning we had our regular physical therapy visit.  Lindy had electro stimulation done to her legs.  She had two little electrodes on her legs and just a tiny bit of electro stimulation to wake up/annoy her muscles.  We put it on and she just walked around with them on but Heather was impressed with the nice steps she was taking as a result of the stimulation.  We did it to both legs.  She did try to mess with the electrodes, we just watched her closely.  We walked all over Comp Rehab that morning.  Before Heather put the electrodes on Lindy she put them on the inside of my forearm and let me feel it.  It doesn’t hurt at all, it was just more of an annoyance.  Heather started turning the dials up and down and before I knew it my hand was curling up.  She had turned the dial the wrong way and was turning it up, to the point where it contracted my muscle and my hand curled!  It didn’t hurt but it was weird.  I was a little worried about her putting it on Lindy after that but I think she learned her lesson on me! 

Tuesday afternoon the kids got their H1N1 booster shot at the doctor’s office.  I took the kids by myself and for the first time ever I didn’t put them in the stroller.  I carried Lindy and let Will walk.  We only waited about 5-10 minutes in the waiting room and they both sat pretty well in chairs and waited.  We went in the room and I did mess that up.  I had Lindy get her shot first because she was in my arms, but I should have had Will get his first.  Lindy cried briefly but I knew if I tried to sit her down she would have gone crazy.  The nurse got another nurse to come in and hold Lindy while Will got his shot.  Willy Will didn’t even shed one tear!  What a big boy!  We were in and out in 10-15 minutes and on our way back home.
Today Lindy had her hearing therapy with Miss Chris.  We did a fun Christmas craft project and then we had to start her 6 month testing.  uggggg.  I seriously hate testing.  They ask all kinds of questions and i have to sit and think if Lindy can do it.  It takes me forever on some questions!  

Last night we loaded the kids up and headed to Pilot Mountain to the Pilot Mountain Christmas Extravaganza.  It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen.  They have their yard all decorated up and you can park and walk through it.  Will was pretty funny walking and asking, “What’s that?” a million times.  I think Lindy enjoyed herself too.  I took the camera and when I went to turn it on it told me there was no sd card in it. I was so mad.  We went last year too, check out this post.

This morning when the kids got up we gave them our Christmas presents.  I went for the easy method, I put them all in one big gift bag and let them pull them out one by one.  They seemed to like that method.  I was tired of wrapping presents.  Daddy had a few presents too from me and the kids.  I didn’t have any presents to open because I had already bought them for myself and then I opened the mail and ruined my big present, tickets to the symphony.  oops. 

A few (okay, many) pictures from our Christmas this morning. 
DSC_0312DSC_0315DSC_0318DSC_0322DSC_0325DSC_0323DSC_0338DSC_0345DSC_0337Can you guess what he was saying here?  Yep, “What’s that?”DSC_0339DSC_0347DSC_0358Will modeling his new (but too big) Wake Forest jersey (#11 Riley Skinner’s number!) and his new slippers.DSC_0359The sweetest girl ever in another Christmas outfit!DSC_0362 DSC_0373

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The Buckley Family said...

Too funny, our OT just talked about starting Annabel on E-STIM this next week for her left arm and leg. I'm happy to hear it worked out well for you, apparently there's no side-effects but always a bit nervous of new things like that. Hoping it works for Annabel too!

Merry Christmas!