Sunday, December 20, 2009

First Christmas Celebration and Snow!

Yesterday we had our first Christmas celebration of the season with GrandBob and Suzette, Aunt Anna, Uncle Ed, Molly, Corbyn, and Jamie. 

We weren’t sure we would get to Charlotte but the highway we live on was cleared and just wet, so on we went.  A good time was had by all and the kids love the toys they got!

DSC_0010DSC_0008 DSC_0014DSC_0021DSC_0028DSC_0034DSC_0044DSC_0066DSC_0095DSC_0098DSC_0101

Aunt Joan gave the kids stick horses.  As usual, Lindy isn’t sure, but Will loves them!DSC_0110DSC_0114DSC_0119DSC_0125DSC_0127

The father and his children.DSC_0129

The grandkids.DSC_0135

We ended up with a good bit of snow this weekend.  We had between 4-5 inches in the driveway but it’s much deeper in the backyard.  Church was cancelled because a lot of the country side roads haven’t been touched.  We bundled the kids up and headed outside.  I feel bad because Will doesn’t have snow pants and neither of them have boots.  It’s hard to buy that stuff when you don’t know if you will actually get snow each year.  Lindy had a pair of hand-me-down snow pants (thanks Erin!).  Will had on a couple layers of pants to keep him warm and hopefully dry.DSC_0158DSC_0159Snow angels didn’t work this time because the top of the snow was pretty hard.  The kids could walk on top of it and not sink in it.  DSC_0165    DSC_0174

We don’t own sleds either, but we found out today that a boogie board works pretty well!  With the hard snow and a tiny hill, Drew was able to pull them down it.  Lindy was pretty stone-faced but Will loved it!DSC_0189DSC_0200DSC_0212DSC_0213The eager beaver, Will, just loves to help out!DSC_0229Lindy preferred to stay parked in her car in the garage.  She spent her time outside trying to get her gloves and hat off.DSC_0227

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Cheryl said...

Glad you were able to make it to Charlotte. Looks like. every one had a great time.

I love the snow pics. You guys really got a lot. We only had cold rain in Monroe.