Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cool Christmas Card

Yesterday I got the mail and saw the an envelope addressed to me.  I didn't recognize the handwriting or the postmark (40014).  I opened the envelope and saw this card:

I opened the card and read the following message:

That's right folks, I got a card from the President of the March of Dimes for being a top fundraiser!  A hand-written, personal Christmas card to yours truly!  I think it's cool.  It seems real.  I thought maybe my father-in-law was playing a joke on me but he says he didn't!  He'd have to be awfully good to have it mailed from Kentucky!  The back looks like pretty official too. 

Watch out Dr. Jennifer House, we plan to be the best MOD ambassador family in 2010, be top fundraisers again and get another Christmas card next year! 

And speaking of Christmas cards, here is what ours looked like this year!


MA said...

That is fantastic! You deserve it!

Amanda said...

Yours is so cute! We got one from Dr. Jennifer House, too! I thought it was so nice of them. :)

Lynn said...

It's nice to be related to a person of importance! Not that I needed a card from Dr. Jennifer House to let me know that. I already knew that.

The Buckley Family said...

Cute Xmas card and awesome about the card from March of Dimes! We did our first walk this year and raised a lot too, what a great cause!! : )

Tracy said...

Your Christmas card is beautiful!!!! Merry Christmas to you and your family. May God be with you in 2010!!!