Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Second Christmas and Mimo’s Birthday Celebration!

This afternoon we headed to Waxhaw to celebrate Christmas with Mimo, Aunt Anna, Uncle Ed, Jamie, Corbyn, and Molly.  We stuffed ourselves full of appetizers and had a good time opening presents.  The kids are really starting to get the hang of this present thing.  I had to stop both kids from opening other people’s presents!  They got lots of neat presents that we can’t wait to play with. 

In addition to Christmas, December 24th is Mimo’s birthday!  We had scrumptious cupcakes to celebrate.  Lindy and Will both enjoyed a little of Mommy and Daddy’s cupcakes.  Lots of “mmmmm’s “ were heard while eating cupcakes! 

Can you believe all these posts?  Don’t get used to it!!  This would be the mother of all posts if I didn’t split these up!  Enjoy a few more pictures from tonight’s festivities.

Aunt Anna gave the kids cool Appalachian State University jerseys.  Maybe one day we’ll have some Mountaineers on our hands!DSC_0380DSC_0381DSC_0390DSC_0400Mimo opening her Mimo ornament.  DSC_0416Will opened a box that had a pair of jeans for me in them.  Later I opened a box with this cool outfit.  Mimo mixed up the boxes.  But I think I’d look pretty cute in this outfit!DSC_0424Ed gave Mimo a toilet brush as a joke and Will thought it was the greatest gift ever.  He drug it, pushed it, and carried it around the rest of the night.  What ever makes you happy Will. DSC_0409 DSC_0429Happy Birthday to you!  Happy Birthday to you!  Happy Birthday dear Mimo!  Happy Birthday to you!DSC_0433We told Will we were going to take pictures in front of the tree and he ran over and stood by it, next to Corbyn.  He was ready!  Will looks SO little!DSC_0437Mimo and her grandkids.DSC_0438Mimo and her kids.DSC_0440Mimo and my kids!DSC_0443

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Cheryl said...

Waxhaw, love that little town!

Keep the pic coming... enjoying them. Presents every where, exciting!