Friday, December 11, 2009

Sport Models

It's Friday again and it's that time of the week again.  I was so confused all week on what day it actually was. 

Appointment wise, we had a fairly quiet week.  The kids and I had a quiet week, Drew on the otherhand had an incredibly busy week.  We had two very sick people in our church and he was gone a lot of the week visiting with them.  Both ended up passing away on Thursday so he has an incredibly busy weekend ahead with one funeral Saturday and one funeral Sunday.

Lindy had PT on Tuesday at 9am and she did good.  I thought her new braces might be in but they weren't.  Heather is wondering why Lindy isn't getting good knee extension on her left leg.  There was a little boy in the room who was not happy and kept crying for his mom.  Lindy was so concerned about the little boy.  She wouldn't do anything but stop and watch him.  She was worried about him!

Wednesday afternoon we had hearing therapy.  Our therapist is doing her national boards so she brought another therapist with her to videotape part of our session.  We are trying to get Lindy to pick up two of her learn to listen toys.  If you ask her to get the dog, she will.  If you tell her to pet the dog, she will.  But if you tell her to get the dog and the cat, she can't do it.  We are going to keep working on it.

The only other excitment this week was that the kids and I went Christmas shopping today.  Sometimes it still feels weird to have them out in the winter.  The last two years we stayed pretty isolated inside to keep them healthy.  Even though they are out I feel pretty good about them.  They are in a stroller, no one is touching them, and we avoid people that are coughing.  We have 1-2 more gifts to buy and then we are done shopping! 

The kids have done okay with the addition of ornaments on the tree.  I only put them on the top half though.  They (mostly Will I think) have taken a few off the tree.  The stinker usually brings them to me though.  He has actually started doing this pretty often.  He does something wrong or something he knows he shouldn't be doing and then he comes to me or does something to get my attention.  I'll wonder what he is doing and then figure out that he got books down he wasn't supposed to or took an ornament off the tree.  He definitely knows the difference between right and wrong, but he still chooses do things!

Will has developed a pretty annoying new habit, whining.  Maybe it's not as bad as I think it is but when you're with him all day, everyday, it seems like a lot of whining.  Some of it is whining just to whine, but some of it because he doesn't have the words to tell us what he wants.  I try ignoring it but sometimes I just can't take it anymore!

The kids are still loving their Christmas Countdown treats.  There is no way we can forget about them, Will won't let us.  He reminds us after breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Tonight towards the end of dinner Drew told him to eat two more bites and he could have his treat.  Will looked at the calendars and started telling it Hi!  Every night after he has eaten his treat he tells it bye-bye!  He can be a silly boy!

Hope you all have a good weekend. 

Cheering on the Northwest Missouri State University Bearcats in the Division 2 semifinal game last weekend.  They play for the National Championship tomorrow (12/12) in Alabama.  Go Bearcats!!

Church outfits alst week.

Funny Lindy!

This adorable dress Lindy is wearing is a hand-me-down from a girl at our church, Lydia.  Her mom passed it on to us and we love it.  I took a picture of Lindy and Lydia last weekend at church while Lindy was wearing Lydia's old dress!

Will looking rough after a nap this week.

I moved the gate in front of the tree and Will walked over and stood in front of the tree.  I hadn't planned on taking a picture but he was ready so I snapped one!

The kids were way more interested in the gate this week than the tree.  They acted like they had never seen this gate! 

Our sport model in her velour track suit with her pretty red purse.

Will thought it looked cool so he stole it from Lindy and tried it out.

So Lindy stole it back and tried it as a hat! 

Wherein a raging game of peek-a-boo got started.

Silly girl!

How I found my family one day.  My bookworms.

If only he was always this enthusiatic about drinking milk.

Will and one of his many structures he builds.

Here is Lindy doing her best impresonation of Michael Jackson's son, Blanket.

I found Will one day sitting in his chair, apparently waiting to watch tv.

Crazy legs kept busting open the snaps on this pair of jeans yesterday.  They seem to fit but I kept finding her like this!

My J. Crew fashion models showed up for work today.  Check out these well dressed youngins today! 

Will is trying to be like his friend Jack, the best dressed kid around town.

Lindy and I were doing her hearing therapy in the kitchen this afternoon and I thought Will was playing quietly in the living room.  Until I checked on him and found him with a squirt bottle of water.  He had been spraying himself and the couch.  What a stinker.  Here is his handy work.  Thankfully it was only water!


Mimo said...

What adorable pictures!!! Anna and I laughed and laughed at the cutest, funniest babies around.

Jack Greco said...

Now those are some good looking babies!!! LOVED the pictures this week and the comments were making me laugh out loud. I can't even choose a favorite picture because I liked them all. Jack was so happy about his shout-out. However, he clearly can't compete with the likes of these stylin' and profilin' Southern babies no matter what you say. J Crew models for sure --these guys have got it going on!

The Buckley Family said...

Hi Jamie! It's good to meet you and your family! Briefly reading some of your posts, we truly do have very similar stories. Your kiddos are adorable and look like they are doing very well too, how very fortunate we both are for our little miracles!

I am sorry to hear of the passing of Adam but I'm sure you know that he's there with your family everyday, living thru Lindy and Will and watching over them.

You asked about shoes for the kids and so far we've had good luck with buying shoes from Stride Rite (a couple sizes too big) and removing the inserts. Definitely look for ones that are harder on the sides as they are more supportive.

Look forward to keeping in touch, I'm sure we can help each other with questions, advice, etc. for a long time to come.

Happy Holidays!

lauren said...

I feel your pain on that whole whining fun! I think we are having the same problem - sometimes it's just to be annoying or get attention, but sometimes it's not knowing how to verbalize something she wants. Good luck!