Friday, October 2, 2009

Here Comes the Sickies

Just like last year, the kids have colds in the beginning of October. Kind of random that they have only had 3 colds ever and two of them happen at the same time two years in a row.

Just like the other two colds, Will starts sneezing and about a day later the snot starts running. Then Lindy gets it a day or two later. But snot doesn't run out of Lindy's nose. Instead, it runs down the back of her throat. As much as I think baby snot is gross and don't enjoy it, I'd much rather have it run out than down her throat. Colds mean she can't breathe well at night and therefore she sleeps horribly. Drew spent last night on the couch with her. In the past it has meant steam baths to try and loosen up all the snot. She napped with Drew on the couch this afternoon. It was the longest nap she has taken in 3-4 weeks. She did keep waking up crying every so often.

Besides a runny nose and the sneezes, Will has been acting fine. Eating, drinking, and playing normal.

Miss Lindy has had a bit of a tough week though. I've written about how Lindy has not been taking good naps lately. I put them in their beds around 12:30pm and it usually takes her about 30 minutes to fall asleep. She might sleep for 30 minutes and then she wakes up crying and mad. But, I leave her in there until 2pm. On Wednesday she woke up from her nap and started crying and at some point she threw up all over her herself and her bed. I walked in to find quite a sight. You might also remember that Lindy used to get really mad and cry and make herself throw up all the time. But she hasn't done it in about 10-11 months. I was not happy to see this starting back up. She was covered in throw up so she got a midday bath and a complete bed change. Then she did it again on Thursday. I wasn't home but Drew heard her throw up again after she woke up from her nap. This time most of it landed on the floor as she was standing up and crying when she threw up. We are now starting to think this is all related to the cold though. She has done the same thing the last two colds. The snot gets so thick in the back of her throat that she ends up throwing up. We sure do hope once the cold is gone that the throwing up is gone too!

We took it easy today. I never even got the kids dressed. They chilled in their pj's for the day.

We did get all of our appointments in this week, before the sickies came around. Tuesday Lindy had PT and she did well. She walked the farthest she has ever walked in her life! Pretty cool. Wednesday morning Lindy had her vision teacher here and Wednedsay afternoon we had our hearing teacher here. Lindy wasn't showing any sick signs on Wednedsay (besides throwing up but I didn't know it was all related). I tried to keep Will away from them and their toys so they wouldn't get sick.

I keep forgetting to write on here that Lindy says "Hi" now. That gives her two words, mama and hi. She is obsessed with phones so she learned how to say hi! She says it in the phone all the time but will also say it sometimes when she sees you. It is pretty dang cute. It's a pretty throaty hi because of her paralyzed vocal cord.

We hope everyone else is feeling well these days. We have a busy week next week so I'm hoping everyone gets well soon!

My name is Lindy and I don't feel.
My name is Will and I feel okay. I just have a lot of snot.
Lindy napping with Daddy.
Before the kids got sick this week.
Lindy is rocking in her pink, high-top Converse!
Silly Willy. He loves taking things apart these days. He likes to dismantle the activity table they have in their room and walk on the sides of it.
Cute, cheesy grin!
Lindy's new discovery - that there is a hole in her nose that her finger fits in perfectly!
Back when she felt good!
Lindy copied Will and laid down on the kitchen floor with him. Sweet kids.
Will's new love - opening/closing doors. There are a couple doors in the house he can get open.
Cutie pie!
Naked babies! Waiting to go get in the bath!
It was pretty cool in the mornings this week so we dug out our sweatshirts.
Can you see the snot running out of his nose?
Playtime with Daddy!
Who knows what he was doing on the couch.
Who knows what he was saying!
This balloon ball has keep Will pretty enteretained this week. He kept throwing it up on top of the couch.
And then he would have to crawl up and get it.
Lindy Lou
Lindy turns everything into a phone. Yesterday she used one of the tracks from Will's race car toy.
Will was feeding Abby her bottle.

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