Sunday, October 18, 2009

Flukes and Fun (with Nana and Papa)

Where oh where do the weeks go?  It's been a good, fun, and busy week.

Tuesday was a busy day for Miss Lindy.  She had physical therapy in the morning and brother Will had to tag along again.  She has been walking really well lately!  She continues to walk farther and farther all the time.  She is consistently walking across our kitchen now, which is 8-12 feet depending on which way she is walking.  She is definitely a walker now!  Still a slightly wobbly walker, but a walker nonetheless!

Tuesday afternoon we had an old pal come visit Lindy.  Her occupational therapist, Lisa, came to do a reevaluation of her, just to make sure she was continuing to progress as she should.  We really enjoyed seeing Lisa and we are thrilled that Lindy doesn't need more OT services!  Lindy rocked during her evaluation!  She stacked 8 1x1 inch blocks and she was able to do the 3 shape puzzle.  These are 24-26 month skills.  Lindy is 26 months!!  I think that it's pretty awesome that a child with severe vision loss can do these things.  The puzzle had zero color contrast on it and she still did it!  Lisa also checked her eating skills and said everything in her mouth looks great.  She moves her tongue and food around appropriately.  She feels her self feeding will come in time.  Lisa actually kind of feels she is feeding herself.  It depends on what the food is.  She is definitely getting there but we are still perfecting the scooping technique.  Overall we were just so pleased with Lindy and how far she has come!!

Wednesday afternoon Lindy had hearing therapy with Chris.  We are enjoying all the Halloween books and fun things we are doing right now in hearing therapy. 

After a most difficult week with Lindy and her new ear molds, we finally called the audiologist.  I had her wear them a full week but she took them out all day long.  It was like she was a year old again and taking them out all the time.  I switched back to her old ones on Wedneday and she never once took them out.  There was something definitely wrong/different about the new ones.  Drew ran her to the audiologist on Thursday and she worked on them  and trimmed the ear canals a bit.  She has done much better with them now.  The tubing is much looser when it's brand new and it is causing them to flop a little more but she is definitely wearing them again.  I forgot how aggravating it was to have her taking them out all day long!

Lindy has learned how to say 'Bye' this week.  Oh so cute, if I say so myself!  Today was a most exciting day, more for me than her.  She took  her first real nap in about 1.5 months (ever since we took the pacifier away).  She slept for an hour and a half.  Maybe a little longer.  It was like heaven for me today to have both kids sleeping again!  I'm sure this was also a fluke, but it sure was nice!

I was definitely right about Will peeing in the potty.  It was a total fluke, as he hasn't done it again since!  I've been putting him on the potty about once a day but nothing since that first time on Tuesday. 

We had a very fun weekend.  My parents came to visit late Thursday night and Friday was my mom's birthday!  We celebrated by going to a pumpkin patch, lunch and dinner!  It was kind of chilly and dreary that day but it was still fun.  Will had a blast running around.  He was way too busy to stop and willingly participate in pictures.  Saturday my mom and I took the kids shopping in Greensboro.  It turned out to be a great day because I found Lindy a pair of cute brown church shoes that fit over her braces and I found the kids matching Christmas outfits!  That is what I call a good day!

Enjoy a lot of pictures!

He has started looking so old!

Lindy looked too cute in this outfit!

They were fighting over the car so I put both on it.  Will was trying to be a bit of a backseat driver but they had fun.

Cute Halloween outfits!

 I had them all ready for bed one evening and then I walked out of their room.  It seemed too quiet in there so I had to go check on them.  I totally expected them to be doing something they weren't supposed to.  Instead I found them quietly reading books.  How cute!

Nana and Papa came bearing Halloween treat bags!

Just a cute picture of our kitty Jack.  He was in the kids dresser laying on Will's towel.  I'm glad no one shut the door on him!

Nana had lots of help opening her gifts.

At the pumpkin patch!

Lindy had just woken up and wasn't too sure for awhile.

Will got Nana to read them LOTS of books this weekend!

More cute Halloween outfits!


We got Lindy a new bowl to try and help her learn to eat.  When the "magic spoon" gets near it, the bowl moos!  We're trying anything these days!

We had to break out the winter dresses since it was so cold this morning.  What a cutie!

He's cute too, but he's just starting to look so old!

And just to show the height difference between the two:

Bye Nana and Papa. We loved your visit.  We miss you!

The most amazing news of the week:  The KC Chiefs won their first football game of the season!  Go Chiefs!


Melanie said...

I am really diggin the Halloween outfits, and where o' where is this pumpkin patch? I have been dying to get some pics of my boys in a pumpkin patch, but I have no idea where one is. Do share please.

Jamie said...

Hey Melanie - we went to Hawks Pumpkin Patch on Clemmonsville Rd in Winston. The easiest way to go is to go south on Stratford, past the mall and Hanes Mall Blvd. You'll turn left on Clemmonsville Rd and it's not too far on the right. It was just a lot of pumpkins in a big yard but they had wagons and a teepee for kids to play on. They had a lot of good picture opportunities. The pumpkins were expensive. We just got 4 little ones. But it was fun and there were pumpkins to have in pictures!

Some other 'real pumpkin patches' I've seen in the area are: It's in High Point. This one is in Mocksville.

I think both of the above have corn mazes and pumpkin patches and lots of other stuff to do. We might do one of those in a couple years when the kids are older. They look neat.

Hope that helps!

Melanie said...

Thanks, girl, you were so thorough with your response. I am going to check out the websites that you listed, and we are going to get some pumpkin patch pictures! Yay!

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