Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lawnmower Rides and the Dixie Classic Fair

Seems like a lot has been going on this week.  A lot more than normal I guess. 

Their runny noses have continued most of the week but have definitely been less as the week has gone on.  Lindy hasn't napped so well but she has been sleeping well at night, which is really more important. (but then again, she wasn't napping well before this cold).  They acted alright most of the time, just a lot of drainage.

Last weekend started with lawnmower rides by our friend David.  David has been mowing our grass since the kids were born.  He has a fancy lawnmower and it takes him 20 minutes.  We have a push mower and it takes us 3 hours.  He told me recently that this was his gift to the kids.  What an awesome gift.  Recently he asked if we thought Will would like to ride on the lawnmower.  Will loves to watch David outside when he's mowing.  Saturday he turned off the mower part and the kids got to go for a little ride in the front yard.  Will smiled and seemed to like it and Lindy seemed to be curious as to what was going on.  Saturday afternoon we had another Wake Forest home game.  Will was a little antsy this game but he still did pretty well.  Lindy ended up falling asleep for awhile during the game. After the game we went to Drew's brother's house and we had a little birthday celebration for Grandbob, who had a birthday recently. 

Our church has a food booth at the Dixie Classic Fair every year.  We sell food for the 11 days that the fair is open.  It is run by all volunteer church people so Drew and I have been working our fair share.  We've each worked two days so far and we will each work one more day.  We have to alternate so that someone can stay home with the kids. 

Our other big event for the week was that Drew was out of town from Monday to Wednesday.  It was the longest I have stayed with the kids by myself!  Everything went pretty well but we were very excited to see Drew come home on Wednesday!  We stayed pretty busy so that definitely helped.

Monday Lindy was supposed to have an occupational therapy reevaluation but our OT was sick.  Tuesday Lindy had physical therapy at 9am.  We are working on slowing Lindy down.  Our PT said that Lindy can cross off running 10 steps because she did that during our session.  But we don't really want her running, not now anyway!  PT is always a ton harder with Will there.  They did get to play in the ball pit and climb and slide a lot.  They both had fun.  We left PT and headed to the hospital to pick up Lindy's new ear molds.  I always hate getting new ear molds.  I think they feel a lot different to her because she is messing with them a lot and we always have to learn how to get the new ones in.  They seem to be flopping a little too. 

We left all the medical stuff and we headed to the mall for a full day of shopping.  We stopped for lunch and diaper changes first and then we hit the stores.  We were on the hunt for shoes and Lindy a winter coat.  New tennis shoes for Will and brown church shoes for Lindy that fit over her braces.  We came home with a coat.  I found the shoes I wanted for Will but they didn't have the right size.  Our little man measured as a size 7!  Whoa.  His feet grew a ton this summer.  His shoes at the beginning of the summer were size 5's!  We found NOTHING for Lindy.  We were all exhausted when we got home. 

Wednesday we had vision therapy in the morning and hearing therapy in the afternoon.  I was glad to have company on Wednesday.  The kids love playing with Leslie and Chris.  They are both so nice to include Will.  I know it's hard to concentrate on Lindy when Will is around but I just don't have anything else to do with him right now.  I think Will likes these therapy sessions more than Lindy does though!

Today we took the kids to the Dixie Classic Fair.  We spent our first hour eating lunch but then we walked all over and checked everything out.  We saw all kinds of animals and flowers.  Our favorites were the roosters.  There were some crazy looking ones.  We also played some games and won the kids some prizes.  I had the man guess my age and of course I won.  He guessed 28, which is much higher than most people guess, but he still wasn't within 2 years.  I've had people at the fair booth asking what grade I'm in.  Anyway, I got two balls for the kids.  I also won the dart throwing and got them a cheap little stuffed animal.  The kids had their first funnel cake and loved it.  Who wouldn't!  It was a gorgeous day and we all enjoyed our day at the fair.

Some new kid tricks this week:  Will learned how to jump and has been jumping all over the house.  It's ridiculously cute!  Lindy now spends most of the day with bottom lip stuck out.  Kind of funny to see.  Will has also begun saying bye-bye pretty consistently this week.  He was waving and saying bye-bye when I put them down tonight.  Lindy is also trying to say some new words too.  We think she is saying meow, although it comes out really soft and sounds kind of like 'mal.'  She is also trying to say either cat or Jack, I'm just not sure which one.  When she sees our cat she makes the same noise every time, I just haven't figured out which she is trying to say.  During hearing therapy on Wednesday we kept saying "Where's .....?"  Lindy started holding her palms up and out as if asking "Where?"  It's pretty darn cute!  Lindy also had her second two year molar break through this week.  Will still hasn't had any two year molars actually come through, although he's been teething like crazy for a long time.

Lindy and her bottom lip.

More of Lindy's climbing.

The kids in their Wake gear.

David and Will on the cool lawnmower.

David and Lindy

Testing out the ear muffs.

Will learned to actually sit and spin this week.

Crazy walker Lindy (with spaghetti still on her face!)

This boy has a good arm on him. 

Sweet things.

Nice hair, Will

Lindy asking "Where?"

The kids in front of our church food booth.

Lindy at the fair.

Will at the fair.

In the sheep building.

One of the crazy roosters we saw.

A 1258lb pumpkin. A new NC state record!

And she's out!

A couple of the pretty flowers we saw.

Yep, they were selling Deep Fried Butter.  Sounds gross to me!

And he's out!

Pumpkin girl!

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Cheryl said...

Loved the pics! Their Wake Forest outfits are soooo cute.

Never been to the state fair and have lived in NC all my life. Going to make plans to do so next year.

Miss Pumpkin Girl...darling!

Will looks like he's really thinking things over.