Friday, October 30, 2009

All Hallows Eve

Tomorrow is Halloween!  I can't wait to share pictures of the kids in their costumes!

Looking back at the week, it was very quiet.  Our hearing teacher was sick and cancelled so we only had physical therapy this week.  At PT they cast her for new braces.  They will both be high braces now.  It took two people this time because Lindy kept squirming and wouldn't keep her feet in the right position.  Thanks to their singing to her, they got it done.

We did have some fun this week.  Last weekend I actually had a girls weekend away.  I went with five college friends to Kings Dominon in Richmond, Virginia.  Thankfully Mimo was able to come stay with Drew and help with the kids because Drew ended up having to preach a funeral.  I know the kids had fun with Mimo.  Another grandmother to read to Will, which in his book is golden!

Tuesday we had a playdate with our friends Katie, Micah, and Claire.  They are moving to our area and we are so excited!  We hope to see them often once they get settled in their house.  The kids got to have their first Oreo cookie while at their house.  A special Halloween one too.  They seem to love them!

Wedneday night we carved our pumpkins.  Last year Lindy dove right into the guts and Will was very hesitant about touching them.  It was the exact opposite this year.  Will had a great time playing and separating the seeds and Lindy didn't want to touch it.  She pretty much sat and watched us carve the pumpkins. 

Thursday we were in town so we went by Wake Forest again.  We love going to campus and walking around.  The leaves were really pretty so we snapped some pictures of the kids.

We hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween!  Check back this weekend to see pictures of the kids!

My sister sent this vibrating monster to the kids and they haven't been real sure about it.  Lindy was okay at first but later accidently hit it and it started vibrating and then she became scared to death of it!

Our playdate with Micah and Claire.  Our matching kiddos.


Silly Lindy laying down on the ground like Jack.

Carving Pumpkins!

She was okay at first

But then decided she really didn't like it.

I think there is something on your face, Will.

Daddy hard at work.

The finished products.

Pretty leaves at Wake.

Posing with the pumpkins outside.

Muscle man thought he could pick the pumpkin up!

I love how she points to everything these days.  She was pointing to her Oreo earlier!

Ever noticed Will has a cowlick in the front?

Happy Halloween!!

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