Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween from Raggedy Ann and Andy!!

Our church had a Trunk or Treat tonight, which didn't end up involving any trunks.  It rained so we moved inside to our fellowship hall and we had a great time.  The kids never stopped moving.  After we got candy we handed out candy to everyone else.

The kids had a blast.  Will kept his wig on the entire time, never once did he try to take it off.  Lindy, well Lindy kept her wig on for pictures.  And then she immediately took it off.  Which is exactly what we expected. 

The kids wore their final pumpkin shirts today.  Yes, we had 5 Halloween outfits this year!

The kids Halloween costumes were in memory of my grandmother, Wanda Crozier, who passed away this past August.  My grandmother spent many hours making many Raggedy Ann and Andy doll sets for all the family and for her friends.  I came to know Raggedy Ann and Andy because of my grandmother.  I wish she could have seen her great-grandkids dressed up as Raggedy Ann and Andy.  These are for you Granny.  We miss you!

The kids Halloween outfits were made by my awesome mom!  Yes, she sewed the kids costumes and made the wigs for them.  Not only are they just awesome homemade costumes, they were made with love!  Which makes them even more special.  My mom is an amazing seamstress and we are so lucky to reap the benefits!  Thanks Mom for giving up your October to make our Halloween costumes!  We love you so much!!

Hope eveyone had a fun and safe Halloween!


Candace said...

So cute!!!! Love the costumes and the outfits! Where did you get those super cute shirts?

Jamie said...

Thanks Candace! I made their pumpkin shirts and then I took them to a lady out here to get embroidered. It turned out to be quite the ordeal. I took them the end of Sept. and got them back yesterday! At least they wore them today and they can still wear them in November for Thanksgiving!

Cheryl said...

My goodness, they are so cute! Your mom is the greatest, such a wonderful job!

Lynn said...


lauren said...

Absolutely adorable...and I totally know what you mean about the raggedy's - my nana makes them as well and even made a brown set for Isabelle! We'll treasure those forever :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie! I just loved the costumes. SO CUTE!!!