Sunday, September 27, 2009

Here Comes the Sun

I almost don't remember what went on this week. But my trusty calendar always reminds me.

We only had two appointments this week which was nice. Lindy had hearing therapy on Wednesday afternoon. We started reading Halloween books again. It's hard to believe it's that time of year again! Thursday morning Lindy had a routine hearing test and she did great. Her hearing has continued to be stable, which we are very happy about. The audiologists we saw were very impressed with little Miss. They were shocked how well she did with the play audiometry. Chris, our hearing therapist, introduced this to us a few months ago and we've worked on it almost every day. She knocked their socks off Thursday. She would listen for the sound and when she heard it she would put a block in a bucket or put a ring on the stacker. Cathy, our main audiologist, said some 3.5 year olds can't catch on to it! To be two and doing so well is great! We did make make new ear mold impressions while we were there. I don't even remember the last time we got new ear molds. We've had good luck with the present ones.

Friday afternoon we had a meeting with the preschool intake officer to start the conversations about the kids turning 3. Right now they work through early intervention services but when they turn 3 they switch to working with the school system. It was just our first meeting but it gave us a chance to ask questions. We went ahead and set up testing dates for next May for both kids. Once they are tested, the school system will recommend what services they think they need, and then we'll write the IEP's. Then they'll be ready for preschool next Sept. It's a little wild to be talking about it all right now when they just turned 2 but that's the way it works. We plan to get Will tested, even though we aren't too worried about him. Speech might be the only thing he qualifies for but who knows how he'll be talking in May 2010!

We had a pretty fun weekend. Friday afternoon we went to downtown Winston-Salem and walked around. Not too much to check out but it was nice to get out of the house and see something new. Saturday we headed to Raleigh to see a couple birthday girls. We stopped at our friends to drop off a present for Claire, who turned 1 last week. Then we went to Anna's 4th birthday party. We had fun visiting our friends and celebrating birthdays. We have been SO happy to see the sun today. It has been raining or misting for the last 2 weeks. It is really hard on me to stay inside all day with the kids in the rain. We got out and soaked it up today. We went to the CROP walk this afternoon, a walk to help raise money to stop world hunger. Then we took the kids to their first softball game. About 4 girls from our church were playing ball this afternoon so we went to check it out. They were entertained by a bunch of church members and they had a great time.

Some quick notes, Lindy learned how to pick her nose this week. Not really excited about that!! She thinks this new trick is neat. I do not think it's neat. Lindy has continued to take HORRIBLE naps this week. I'm seriously stumped as to what I should do. I am pretty sure she needs the sleep. And I need the break. She goes in her bed from 12:30-2pm everyday and she might sleep 30 minutes on a good day. Thankfully she is still sleeping at night. Will has had a quiet week. Both kids have definitely been testing us lately, but they are both so sweet. I can be so irritated with Lindy and then she'll smile at me and you can't be mad at that smile. Will held one of my fingers for 30 minutes last night on the way home from Raleigh. It was so sweet how he just held on. Between Lindy's smile and Will's laugh, it's hard to stay mad long!

That wraps up our week.

More Lindy climbing. We've found her on top of the table a few times. I spend half my day now saying, "Sit down."
Babes last week before church.
I was trying to get pictures of the kids in their Northwest Missouri State University t-shirts. Here are some outtakes.
Lindy took off walking. Check out her face! She gets so excited to walk.
And finally, a decent one in my trusty chair.
Will found a new corner that he fit in this week.
Cutie pie!
Lindy after one of her meals this week. She's so messy!
Chatting on the phone.
Concentrating on his magna tiles.
The kids love sitting and bouncing on daddy.

Will watches Drew do his push-ups everyday and he now does push-ups too!
Doing pushups together.
Eating a cupcake at Anna's birthday party.
The birthday girl, Anna, blowing out her candles.
Sweeties before church today.
Isn't he the cutest boy ever?
Helping to stop hunger at the CROP walk today.

These slackers didn't actually even walk. They got a free ride!

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Paulette said...

Lindy and Will are absolutely adorable!!! Such pretty kids.

I love hearing about them.