Friday, September 18, 2009

Colorful Baths

Happy Weekend! It's been a rainy week here in NC and I definitely had cabin fever. It's hard to be cooped up with two 2 years olds all day long, for multiple days.

We had a busy Tuesday this week. We started off bright and early with PT at 8:30am. We had to fix her braces a little, some of the padding came off in a couple places. Heather was impressed with how stable she is looking. She said if Lindy continues to progress so well with walking that we can stop coming weekly!!

We left PT and headed to an ophthalmologist appointment. Most of the time I really wonder why we have to go every 3 months. I guess he wants to keep close tabs on her because he is still so worried something will happen to her retinas again. He did seem pretty impressed with her this time though. He said she clearly favors her left eye (the better one) but can tell that she doesn't mind using the right eye so much when he patched it. All this patching is definitely making the right eye stronger. Unfortunately he said he'd love to see us patch her 3 hours a day instead of 2. I told him that would be HARD. The two hours a day are hard enough. I told him we'd try our best but couldn't promise him anything. You have to keep very close tabs on her during those two hours a day because she gets that patch off as soon as you turn your back. Keeping close tabs on her for 3 hours a day would be really hard. I mean, sometimes I like to go to the bathroom. Alone. Sometimes her brother has a stinky diaper that needs to be changed. The above examples are prime times for Lindy to get her patch off. I refuse to go through 2-3 patches a day. They aren't free. So anyway, we'll try. They did the teller acuity cards again and Lindy did the same as three months ago. She saw the card that says 4.8cm/cycle. A pretty useless appointment for my $25 copay.

Wednesday morning we had governor morehead vision therapy at our house. The kids always love the toys that Leslie brings. It's become increasingly harder to get Lindy to pay attention to one activity. She will crawl off in a heartbeat if we'd let her. Wed. we played with a bowl of rice. Although it made a huge mess, the kids loved it. Leslie brought scoops and Lindy got to practice scooping. Good exercises for her. She also got to build with blocks and did pretty well.

Our only other excitement for the week was I took the kids Thursday morning and we went and did some shopping. It was sprinkling when we left and it mostly sprinkled all morning. Until we were leaving Babies R Us and it was pouring. But we got out of the house, returned some things we needed to return, spent some birthday giftcards, and got some birthday presents. It was a productive trip and the kids did great. I only wish we lived a little closer to the shopping centers. Lindy falls asleep all the time on the way home and then she makes that her ONLY nap of the day. It makes for a rough day.

I think Lindy has another 2 year molar breaking through. It's very hard to check on these teeth. They will both bite you in a second if your fingers are in their mouths. I think I can see the molar on the bottom right of her mouth though. Oh I can't wait for baby teeth to be over with.

Hope you all have a great weekend. It was a rather boring week here.

Hanging out without any pants.
Think there is any teething going on around here?
Doesn't look very safe does it? He was fine, don't worry.
Cute girl.
Two kids completely ignoring their mother.
Training them early to put their dirty clothes in the hamper. Will will make a fine husband one day if he keeps this up!

Lindy cuddling with Daddy after one of her 'mini' naps this week.
Lindy has started climbing. We don't condone this activity.
Happy boy.
Practicing standing.
Handsome boy.

Lindy has taken a small interest in the TV lately. She has to be up close but I guess she sees it.
We've had fun baths this week with the color bath dropz the kids got for the birthday.

I was trying to get purple but it ended up a dark blue. Lindy also had yellow water one night but I'm not sure what happened to the picture of it.


lauren said...

It's the Laurie Berkner Band! Isabelle's favorite :) Cute pics, as always!

MA said...

Those pics remind me of the book "Kid Tea"...cute cute.