Tuesday, September 1, 2009

March of Dimes Awards

Today I went by the March of Dimes office to pick up some awards from the March for Babies walk last April. I was so excited to learn what awards we received.

Our entire March for Babies team (which included Bob, Ed, Jamie, Katie, Micah, Claire, Mary Allen, Mark, Conner, Tyler, Lauren, Isabelle, Janice, Louise, Drew, Lindy, Will, and I) got the Top Family Team Award. When you register, you register as a business or as a family team. We raised more money than any other family team! Thank you to our team members!!!!

I also received an award, the Top Walker Award. I raised more money than anyone else in our March for Babies walk! Thank you to everyone who donated to us! We obviously wouldn't have gotten any of these awards without the generous support of our friends and family!


Lynn said...

Great job. I'm very proud of you - even though you got Will's hair cut.

Amanda said...

That's awesome! Those are really nice awards, too.

lauren said...

Very cool!

MA said...

that's fantastic!