Monday, September 14, 2009

They are Walking and Talking Better!

I hate when I check blogs and they haven't posted. I hope people have checked my blog and gotten upset. That would mean people actually care what I write about!

It was another busy week. Insane busy for Drew. He preached two funerals last week, on top of his normal weekly work. One of the funerals he preached was for a 77 year old lady who lost her battle with tongue cancer. I'll never forget sweet Claudine. It was at her house that Lindy took her very first step ever! She'll forever be included in the memory of Lindy's first steps.

We had a semi-quiet week appointment-wise. Tuesday morning we had physical therapy and Lindy did great. She took 9 steps at one point. Heather, our PT, changed her statement from, "She'll be walking any week now" to "She'll be walking any day now." Lindy walked 7 minutes on the treadmill! The week before she hated it but last week she didn't mind. I had to take Will with me which always makes for a more stressful appointment. Tuesday afternoon we had hearing therapy with Chris. We played with Play-doh again and had a good time.

The biggest news of the week is Lindy's walking. She has done SO well this week. All summer I've had her in crocs. I was under the impression that her braces were providing the support and they said I could put her in whatever was cute and would fit. With cooler weather impending I found her little sneakers that would fit on her braces. We put them on her Tuesday and she did a ton better in PT. That afternoon she walked across the kitchen. She seems so much steadier in them. We'll catch her standing by herself, looking so steady. She walks like a drunken sailor, but the difference is that she has started catching and balancing herself when she starts to wobble. On Friday night she finally figured out how to stand up by herself. Without pulling up on anything! She's been trying for awhile and finally made it. We are so proud of her!!!

On the pacifier front, things are still S L O W L Y getting better. Will is 100% fine going to bed without it, but he has had a definite change in sleeping. He takes shorter naps and has started waking up between 5:30-6am. He used to get up at 7am. Unfortunately his squawking is waking up Lindy. Lindy has gotten a little better going to sleep without her paci. Friday and Saturday nights she didn't even cry at all! Yesterday she cried some. She is not sleeping as long at naps either. I'm not sure how to get them back to sleeping longer and later. Any suggestions? We have started giving them each a stuffed animal in their beds and I think that has helped a little. They have never been attached to anything. They have had the same 2 lovies in their beds since they came home and they could care less about them. Maybe a stuffed animal can help replace the paci. We'll see!

The funniest story of the week was our trip to Walmart after PT last week. I took the kids in their stroller since we just needed a couple things. I happened upon some cute Halloween shirts and was checking them out. I eventually ended up in front of the stroller and looked down to see the funniest sight ever. Lindy had somehow managed to get her shirt up over her head. She was sitting there with a full bare chest and belly showing. I have no clue how long she was riding like that! People had been smiling at us but now I wonder what they were smiling at. The two cute kids in the stroller or the ridiculous sight of Lindy?!

Will had a good week. He has learned a new word almost everyday last week. His vocabulary now includes bump, help, hot, and hat. So fun to hear him say new words. He is using them appropriately too which I find cool. I was putting him in his car seat yesterday after church and he touched the seat and said "Hot." It was definitely warm from being out in the sun. One thing I've noticed him doing this week is playing with his cars and trains. So cute to see him pushing a little car all over the place. His favorite phrase these days is, "What's that?" It's usually said in a high-pitched squeal while pointing at something. And it only gets louder if you don't answer him. He's obsessed with lights and light switches lately too.

We had a week full of fun visits. Tuesday night we went to some church members house for dinner. We got to ride in a golf cart down to their little fish pond which was fun. The kids got to throw bread into the water for the fish and got to pet their dog. Wednesday we had a friend of mine, Carina, come visit us. I enjoyed some adult interaction and she got to play with the kids. Friday I got to go visit my best friend and see her new baby, Rebecca. She's almost 6 weeks old but I finally got to hold that sweetie! She seemed so tiny compared to my kids!

We ended the weekend with another Wake game. The kids did better this game, despite the fact that it was during their nap time. Both fell asleep at the game for a little bit and they were not as restless. And the game was amazing. Wake scored with 2 seconds left to win! Awesome!

I think that sums up our week. Happy Monday.

The serious side of Will. I caught Lindy on her way down. Peek
Funny Will picture. I forgot now what he was saying.
The kids have been playing dress-up with the dish towels this week.

What she was wearing when she went into Walmart last week.
I reenacted how I found her in Walmart.
Sweet monkey boy brushing his teeth.
Sweet girl!
Will was at the mercy of the Daddy Chin-Chopper in this picture.
A fun milestone for Lindy is that she has figured how to climb up on toys. She gets herself on and off the car all day now. Funny to see her coming in the kitchen all by herself!
She can also get on the bouncing zebra by herself. She's so talented she can even get up there with a cellphone in her hand. The girl can bounce and chat on a phone, a multi-tasker.
Sweet baby Rebecca.
Me with the Palmer ladies.
A little sibling fun.

The best together picture I could get yesterday.
WALKING!!! She looks like she is taking a walk on her lunch break at the mall in her dress and tennis shoes!
The drama queen can look so pitiful sometimes!
Walking is FUN!
Self portraits. I took probably 6 of Will and me and every one had his eyes closed!!
But I got a decent of one of me and Lindy.
Napping at the Wake game.
That boy was laid out!


GrandBob said...

I am sooo proud of Lindy!! She is a Tuffy. Grandbob

becca said...

I'm one of those checkers...I think I checked 2-4 times today for a new post!! Sounds like a great week! I wish I had an answer for the sleeping longer/paci thing, but I am going through the same thing and I'm not sure what to do! :)

Amanda said...

We took Emma's paci when she was one, and she learned to sleep without it over time, but never quite as well - - I think giving her a sippy cup or a bottle with water at bedtime helped some (although I have heard that drinking while lying down can cause ear infections, she never had a problem with that) - a year later, though, she took up sucking her thumb and we cannot get her to quit - - - - but she is now a much better sleeper!

Amanda said...

OK, I read your previous post and maybe the water bottle is not such a good idea