Wednesday, October 8, 2008

It finally happened....

We got a cold. Will's nose started running yesterday (Tuesday) around 6pm. He sneezed all night and didn't sleep well at all. (Neither did we.) I took him to the doctor and everything checked out okay, just looks like a cold. He's been home 11 months and this is his first cold. I was beginning to think we were invincible!!

I'm doing everything in my power to keep Lindy away from him. I've created two separate play areas in the living room. We are washing hands and hand sanitizing like crazy. I hate Will got a cold but I really don't want Lindy getting it. I have nightmares of her going back on oxygen!

Keep your fingers crossed Lindy doesn't get it! I better get back to my snotty nose baby!


lauren said...

Isabelle has had it it from me, which was sort of hard to prevent since she's in my bed! I was just hoping she would hold off on getting sick until we had insurance for her, which we now do! Praying Lindy doesn't get it!!!

melanie said...

Oh Jamie, that really stinks! You have done so well to go this long without a cold. I think Griffin got a cold from Logan the next day after we brought him home from the hospital. Boy was that fun! I really enjoyed getting to meet your babies "in real life" and Drew too! They are so cute (even Drew)! Hahaha! I'll be praying for the cold to go away quickly and for Lindy not to get it!