Saturday, October 4, 2008

Busy Week Behind Us

If last week was a calm week, this week was about the opposite. We, well Lindy, had something every single day this week!

Monday she had occupational therapy. She watched her eat and overall she is doing well. She said the little thing under her tongue is a little tight. She gave me some new tool to get under her tongue and stretch it out. She also worked with her on the straw bottle. She said Lindy is pretty close. She assured me that they both would start sucking before too long. Well Will is finally getting the hang of it. He's finally started closing his lips around the straw and in the last day or two he looks like he is starting to suck! I'm just going to keep at it with Lindy and hopefully she'll have it in no time. Her problem is that she feels the need to bite the straw or put her fingers in her mouth with the straw. Makes sucking hard!

Tuesday we went to the eye doctor. The appointment was pretty easy, he didn't do much. We did order new frames for her this time. We made them much much stronger (-19.0 and -11.0). Those bad boys aren't cheap. We're going to have to watch her like a hawk to make sure she doesn't put little teeth scratches in this set!

Wednesday we had Governor Morehead and Thursday we had the Deaf and Hard of Hearing program. Both were good visits.

Friday was the big day (see post below for what and why Lindy had 3 appointments with nephrology). We had to leave the house at 7:45am to get to her first appointment. The first one was the VCUG. It was not fun. They strapped her to the 'baby board' with these big velcro straps. They had her arms up over her head, straped down as well. She was mad as fire! I got to be up by her head with her but she couldn't see or hear me. I just kept stroking her face and holding her hands. I was so worried she would throw up (which she often does when she gets really mad), but thankfully she didn't. When we went in we knew she had Grade 3 kidney reflux on the right. Yesterday they found Grade 2 on both sides. Good and bad I guess. The right side has gotten better but now they found it on the left. The doctor did say that it could have been there all along, that she might have been too small the first time they did the VCUG (back in Nov. 2007). They have to fill the bladder up very full and they might not have been able to do that back then. The good news is that most Grade 2 reflux issues will resolve themselves by the time kids are getting ready to go to school. Lindy has been on a prophylactic antibiotic since she got the first UTI and will continue to be on this antibiotic until the reflux is gone.

Next was the renal ultrasound which is an easy test. Just like pregnant ladies getting their ultrasounds. It's fast and easy. Unfortunately the results weren't exactly the best in the world. They have always told us that her right kidney is smaller then her left kidney. Unfortunately her right kidney has not grown in the last 6 months. Fortunately her left kidney has. So there are some questions as to how well her right kidney is working or if it is working at all. We have to go for another renal ultrasound in 4 months to look to see if they have grown. People can live with one kidney. People donate kidneys all the time, but obviously I'd prefer if both of her kidneys were working.

The next appointment was the appointment with the nephrologist to go over the test results. He explained everything to us and ordered blood work for her. They collected a urine sample and then Drew took her to get her blood drawn. He said the lady was really nice and Lindy did well. They did it very quickly. Unfortunately the doctor called later that afternoon and said her urine looked fine but that there was a labeling error and the lab wouldn't run the blood. She got this blood drawn for NOTHING! Kind of frustrating because I think at some point she'll have to have it drawn again. They did weigh her at this appointment. They said she was 17 pounds 3 ounces. They also said she was a little over 26 inches long. At their one year appointment she was only 24 1/2 inches long! I think she has hit a growth spurt. Which explain why some pants I thought would fit are a little short!

After we were done with her nephrology appointments we went by the hearing department and picked up new ear molds for her hearing aides. We finally got back home at 1pm. Lindy had a 15 minute cap nap and was doing fine. Drew and I were exhausted!

Glad it's all over with, that's for sure. Will has had a pretty quiet week. He is starting to stand a lot more by himself. I cannot get a picture of it though. His new standing habit has led to some recent falls. His face has taken a beating this week from the floor! He takes a licking and keeps on ticking though. One day he was crying pretty hard, until he saw the cords for the ceiling fan and then he completely forgot about crying. Too funny!

Here are pictures from this week.

How I found Lindy during a nap last week. She went to bed with the shirt on correctly!
Grandbob, Suzette, and Molly came up before the Wake Forest game last weekend. We ate and celebrated Grandbob's birthday. Will loves his Grandbob!
Grandbob and his little Deacon fans. We took the babies to the game, the ugly game that Wake lost :(
Enjoying the view from the front door.
Sporting some twin gear.

New cute pajamas.
For anyone going to the Dixie Classic Fair, don't forget to stop by Booth 10 for some good Palmyra UMC food! You may find me or Drew working this week!

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