Friday, October 17, 2008

Shots, Shots, Shots

Thanks to everyone for remembering Adam. I am sure that most people who lose babies always wonder what they would look like. In our case, we know what Adam would look like. He was the identical twin of Will. Adam would look like Will. I like knowing that. I can't imagine that we could have been blessed with two such handsome boys. If only he were still here.....

We have enjoyed the beautiful weather we have had this week. We took advantage of the mid-80's temperatures by playing outside every day. I think the fresh air helped with the colds and helped the babies get back to sleeping through the night. Something we ALL needed!!

Lindy had her usual appointments this week. Occupational therapy on Monday, Deaf and Hard of Hearing on Tuesday, Governor Morehead on Wednesday. Each visit went fine. All agree that she is doing well. We have a student teacher coming with our Deaf and Hard of Hearing teacher now. We have worked hard with Lindy and her vowel of the week and we think she might be trying to imitate us doing it. She is moving her mouth like she wants to say the sound. A couple of times sound has come out - but it sounds different than the 'ah' I make because of her vocal cord paralysis. But this is great progress! We're so proud of her!

Thursday turned out to be a bad day for Lindy and Will. The babies were still trying to get over their colds this week. Wednesday I noticed both seemed to be breathing harder and louder than normal. On Thursday I decided to call the nurse at the doctor's office. Of course anytime you mention 25 week old preemie with chronic lung disease they tell you to come on in for a checkup. So we load them up and get to the office and our doctor actually sees us at the desk. She comes to talk to us and says that the babies Synagis shot (their shot to help with RSV) is in and she was actually going to call us that day. Anyway she squeezes us into her schedule and checks the babies out. Both were fine! I figured they were but I just needed a doctor to tell me. The colds are still in their heads and have not moved down into their chests. Lindy's is apparently at the back of her nose. You can hear stuff in there but I still don't get anything when I suction her. Because they checked out okay they were able to go ahead get their Synagis shots. And because they are so big, they split the shot into two syringes which means they actually get two shots. The last time I talked to the nurse about their Synagis shots she told me they could get flu shots when they came in for their Synagis shots. So I asked about flu shots and they ended up getting those as well! Then, poor Will. He ended up having to get another shot because of some confusion about his Hib vaccinations. He ended up getting his third Hib vaccine yesterday. So one little visit to check on their colds turned into 4 shots for Will and 3 for Lindy! It turned out well for us though. We were able to get it all done and I don't have to make a trip back to the doctor's office to get the shots. It didn't turn out so well for the babies. They cried hard for about a minute and then they were fine. They took it like the little fighters they have proven to be.

We hope Nana had a wonderful birthday yesterday! We wish we could have been there to help you celebrate! Enjoy our pictures from the week.

Good thing they were both already sick. (Notice that the paci attached to Will is in Lindy's mouth!)
Waiting to get out of bed after a nap.

A new favorite chew toy from our OT.
Not sure how well you can see it - blow it up to see the snot running down from his nose and the drool running down from his mouth. He was a mess this week!
The babies were sporting their respective NICU graduation shirts. Lindy graduated from the Duke NICU and Will from the Baptist (Wake Forest) NICU.
Sporting the Halloween shirts I made them.
Will stands up all day long now (sometimes by himself but mostly leaning on toys and furniture). Until I want him to stand up so I can take a picture of his outfit. Then he won't do it. And Drew had to hold him in place to get a sitting picture. You can see pictures are getting more difficult! Lindy loves to stand and let me take pictures of her!


angie c said...

OMG those halloween shirts are adorable?! Can I get one in 6-9 month for hannah? SO CUTE!!!!

lauren said...

I love the shirts! How'd you do the faces?

I had forgotten that Will and Adam were identical...

Liz Rich said...

Your babies are PRECIOUS!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So cute!!! Glad they are feeling better. I LOVE the shirts. How did you do them???

MA said...

Hey - I saw that shirt idea in a magazine...I'm so impressed! :) Glad y'all got the flu shots...I had just called last week to ask... Hope to see y'all soon. MA and boys