Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Fun

We have had lots of fun around here this week with all the Halloween shirts and activities. We somehow acquired enough Halloween shirts that they constituted the babies' whole wardrobe this week! Made it easy to dress them!

Last weekend I was having cabin fever so we rode into Winston and stopped by Wake Forest. We got the babies out in the stroller and walked a little bit. We walked to Reynolda Village, an adjoining outside shopping area. It turned out to be a perfect outing and a beautiful day. We got some cute pictures of the babies in the leaves. Lindy immediately picks everything up to examine it and Will is always so slow when touching new things. I really wonder if he has a little bit of sensory thing going on.

Lindy quickly grabbing a leaf. Will thinking, yuck!
"I Love My Mummy"
Daddy's Little Pumpkin
Monday our big man Will switched from the honey bear bottle to a regular straw sippy cup. He seems to have mastered sucking from the straw! He doesn’t suck enough to take the bottle away yet but we’ll be working hard on it next week. He is so cute when he puckers up to drink from the straw!

Monday Lindy had her occupational therapist here. She was excited to see Lindy crawl. Each days she gets a little better at it. Now we need to work on getting her up on her knees. We are still working on sucking through a straw with her. She’d rather chew than suck.

Tuesday we had our deaf and hard of hearing teacher here. We worked with the student teacher most of the time. We have these 7 sounds that our teacher always does with Lindy. Each week she does them farther and farther away to see if Lindy turns in response to them. This week she did them probably 13 feet away from her and Lindy turned in response to ALL of them! It was very exciting. She has made the comment that Lindy hears really well with her hearing aides. We are so proud of her!

Tuesday night we also had our first annual carving of the pumpkins event. Drew and I carved pumpkins for the first time in many years. We had a fun time. The babies could have cared less but oh well. We carved a pumpkin for each of them. Lindy’s pumpkin has glasses and the same amount of teeth as she does (3 on top, 2 on bottom). Will’s pumpkin has the same amount of teeth as well (1 on top, 2 on bottom). His triangle eyes don’t really match but oh well! We let the babies play in the guts of the pumpkin. As usual Will was very hesitant to touch at first and Lindy dove right in. Will eventually warmed up to it. Lindy as usual tried to put it in her mouth.

I had a really hard time choosing pictures this week. So here are a ton of them! Enjoy! Check in tomorrow to see what the babies will be dressed up as! Wish Drew and I luck as we head out of town without the babies for the first time! We know they will be in good hands with the grandparents!

The carving of the pumpkins.
Touching the guts. He thought it was weird at first but then he had fun playing with it.
Lindy loved playing with the guts!She was in disbelief that we could maim a pumpkin for fun!
The finished products.
Seemingly unimpressed by our pumpkin friend.
To end, some of the bad hair days around here this week!


Allison said...

I LOVE that picture of Lindy in disbelief! SO cute!

angie c said...

OMG-- the pumpkin with glasses is too funny. how adorable. I'm sure if I had tried that it would not have turned out as well!! :)

lauren said...

Lindy's shock is hilarious! Your pumpkins are much better than mine...mine is still sitting on the counter uncarved. Oh well...

Love the pics in the leaves - might have to do that :)

Anonymous said...

You all are so darn crafty! I recognize some of those Halloween shirts! So glad you get to wear them too!