Friday, October 24, 2008

We Love Heat!

We spent most of the past week without a furnace. Of course the weather decided to turn cold. We survived and the babies only have a little frostbite. Just kidding. We had space heaters in the nursery and living room and they warmed our house amazingly well. We have enjoyed having a working furnace again though!

I hope everyone got to see the previous post about all the new movement in the house. Will finally started walking with his walker and Lindy finally started crawling! It's been a big week. Check out the videos below if you haven't already seen them.

Besides the new moves, we have had a very quiet week. We had Lindy's deaf and hard of hearing teacher on Tuesday. Lindy really seems to be imitating us when we say 'ah.' I tried varying the pitch of my 'ah' and a couple times it seemed like she was trying to as well. She thinks it's so funny when we say 'ah' and she is so cute when she makes the noise back to us!

Today I took Lindy for a checkup with the neurosurgeon. They were measuring her head circumference to check on her shunt. She had an appointment in Feb. 08 and then one again in July 08. In those six months her head had grown quite a bit and she jumped up to the next percentage curve. Because of her growth she wanted to check her again in 3 months. Thankfully her head circumference today was right on target. It's on the same curve as 3 months ago. The big jump in those 6 months was just normal growth. Lindy really did grow a lot between Feb. and July! We have counted our lucky stars that Lindy has not had any problems with her shunt so far! We really hope it stays that way. We go back in 6 months for another head circumference measurement.

After our appointment we had lunch with our friends Cheryl and Noah. Noah was in the NICU with us. He was in the C Pod and then in intermediate with Will. Cheryl and I got to be good friends in the pumping room! Noah also has a shunt and he happened to have an appointment today as well. Cheryl and I have kept in touch but hadn't gotten together since we left the NICU. Lindy and Noah have changed a lot since the NICU days! We like to say they are boyfriend and girlfriend! It was great to see them and wished we lived closer. The nurse practitioner is going to try and get us on the same schedule so we can have appointments on the same day and do lunch each time we have neurosurgery appointments!

Hope you all have a good weekend. We have no plans this weekend. I'm spending a rocking Friday evening doing a blog post! Enjoy some recent pictures.

"Lindy did you realize our outfits are very similar? I have Wild Friends and you have Jungle Friends."

A little snack in the Bumbos.
The cutest boy in the whole wide world!

The Little Wild Man and his Black Cat Companion
She is so stinking cute!! Couldn't you just eat her up?
Lindy and her boyfriend Noah!


Paulette said...

Lindy and Will sure are growing and they are both absolutely beautiful. I have not commented in a while but I read your blog every week. How exciting that Lindy and Will are on the move.

Paulette and Ron

Frenda and Pete said...

They just get cuter and cuter. I am so glad to hear Lindy making noise, crawling, and she had to see the toy to want it. WAY TO GO GIRL. They are definately miracles. Will is now a toddler. WATCH OUT MOM & DAD. Love to all.