Sunday, October 12, 2008

Crazy Week

What a crazy week this has been. Not so much for the babies but more for Drew and me. The babies getting colds didn't help anything either. Our church has a food booth at the Dixie Classic Fair. Six of the last ten nights, one of us has been working at it. That means the other person was left at home with the sick babies. It was better being at the fair booth than being at home! Drew also had a big business meeting to prepare for and of course we attended the Wake/Clemson game. An absolutely crazy week that didn't include that much sleep.

I went on Monday and picked up new lenses for Lindy's glasses. I'm sure she can see much better. Even though we have watched her like a hawk and have started taking them off of her if you walk out of the room, she has already managed to get a small scratch on them. uggggg.

Lindy had her Deaf and Hard of Hearing teacher here on Tuesday. We changed gears a bit with her. For months we have been showing her different toys and saying the sounds that go with them in hopes that she will start to say them. So far she hasn't said any. This week we are focusing on one sound in particular, trying to input it a lot and see if she'll say it. So far it's a no go but we've also been a bit slack about it because of the crazy week. She does think it's funny when I do the 'a' sound though.

It was Tuesday night that Will's nose started running and he started sneezing. He went to bed okay but was up soon after. He was having a hard time breathing through his nose and I don't think he knew what to do. I took him to the doctor Wednesday and they checked everything, including his blood for an infection, but all signs pointed to just a cold virus. He did weigh in at 20 pounds 1.5 ounces and was 28 inches long. Wednesday night was another night of sleeping on the couch with Will.

On Thursday you could tell Will felt a lot better and the snot production had really slowed down. It was Thursday afternoon I noticed Lindy was starting to sound a little bit stuffed up. Our friends who watched them while we were at the football game said her nose didn't run though. BUT she was up until 10:45pm. Every time she tried to lay her down she'd cry really hard.

Friday morning I could tell Lindy had gotten the cold. Despite my efforts to separate them she got it. Tuesday before Will's symptoms appeared they had shared spoons and straws. So I'm sure it was too late anyway. Her nose hasn't run like Will's and her temp hasn't gotten nearly as high. Friday night she was up until 11pm again. Drew ended up sleeping with her on the couch.

Saturday they both acted okay but it was another night of Lindy not going to bed very early. They've been okay today but I think she is still awake now.

I can suction Will's nose and get lots of snot out. When I suction Lindy's nose I hardly ever get anything. I can hear stuff up in there though. The last few nights she has thrown up on us though. Usually after she has fallen asleep she'll start a hacking cough and eventually she'll throw up. I don't know if it's because of phlegm in the back of her throat or what. It's not very fun. That wakes her up really well and then it's hard to get her back to sleep.

I hope this cold makes it way out of her early this week. The weather is supposed to be great so we need to be out enjoying it. We aren't enjoying our first foray into baby snot. I prefer when our children do not have snot running all over their faces!

Just a few pictures from the week. Once it got crazy I didn't even have time to take any.

Last weekend we went to a Hawaiian wedding reception where Lindy got a pretty lei.
I got out another new toy in hopes that Will will start walking behind it. So far he hasn't. He loves standing behind it but hasn't willingly taken any steps.

It can also be turned into a car you ride on. The babies will hate me one day for all the things I made them do so I could get a picture!!
A cute, clean boy.

Miss Thang in a cute little outfit. (Recognize these Erin?)
FINALLY! A picture of Will standing by himself! (Check out the wet drool mark on the front of the overalls. Nasty! It runs out of his mouth these days). Even a sick Will can get himself into trouble. He loves the bottom of the exersaucer. Most of his toys end up in there each day. He also likes to crawl through it.
Lindy was taking the car out for a spin.
This is my partition I had in the living room after Will got his cold. I was trying to protect Lindy from it. Lindy loved having her own toys that nobody took away and no one to steal her pacifier. Will stood at the partition most of the day trying to see what Lindy was playing with. He also kept throwing his contaminated toys onto her side!


melanie said...

I love the partition! You truly made an honest effort! I'm sorry that you had to deal with the whole baby snot thing - no fun huh! It ends up being a steady stream from their nose to their mouth if you don't catch it in time. Yuk! Oh and the vomit is a whole other story altogether! Who knew that when you became a mother you would become a human snot rag, drool fest, and vomit catcher? Ahhhh the joys of motherhood. Hahaha!

Erin said...

I do recognize Lindy's snazzy sweater and pants! She looks like she is headed to the country club for lunch.
Hope the cold gets better, we seem to have a virus type thing too. Maybe the immunity will be built up for next time!

Anonymous said...

So sorry the babies are sick!! It's amazing this is just their first cold. I know it's no fun. Jackson's been sick for 2 weeks now. Ready to move on. Hope they are feeling better. We are sending well wishes their way!