Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving was another Southern affair at Ed and Jamie's house.  Bob and Suzette, Corbyn, Lynn and our family were there.  It was a nice day with good food and fun games (spoons - funny to watch old people play spoons - ha!).  Lindy, Will, Jamie, Ellie and I took a walk as well.  It was a nice laid back day.

Friday morning I went to a couple stores in the morning and we cleaned the house and started decorating for Xmas.  Saturday morning we took our Xmas card pictures in the morning and went to another cold, windy Wake Forest football game.  We even ended up on the visitors' side because there was sunshine.  After the football game we went to the Bryants' to have dinner and celebrate Kris' birthday.  It was fun to hang out and get warm after the game!

Things went downhill badly that night.  Will woke up at 1:30am and try as he might to make it out of his bunk bed and to the toilet, he didn't.  Instead he threw up basically as he was opening the bathroom door.  It was everywhere.  I got him cleaned up and changed and then we had to clean the bathroom and carpet.  He ended up sleeping with me and Drew went to the couch.  He didn't get sick again that night but he had a very restless night - which made for little sleep for me.  Sunday morning Lindy went on to church with Drew and Will and I stayed home.  He slept almost all Sunday.  He tried eating some that evening but it didn't stay down. 

One Christmas activity I had planned for our family was to see the WS Symphony Carolina Christmas concert.  They were to have some Cirque de Soleil performers which I knew Will would like.  I got 2nd row tickets and we were excited to go.  Lynn, Anna and Brian had all planned to go with us as well.  With Will up sick the night before and sleeping all day, there was no way he could go.  Lindy and I ended up meeting the others for lunch - but I was afraid to eat because I was sure I'd get sick.  We invited Katie and Claire to join us and we met up with them there.  We enjoyed our afternoon at the symphony but we did miss the boys.  The Cirque performers were a little underwhelming but the music was great.  It started our Christmas spirit.

Will stayed home from school with Lynn on Monday because he definitely wasn't ready to go to school.  I thought one more day and he'd be good.  He didn't eat much but when he tried Monday evening, it came back up again.  He always struggles to keep food on his belly.  It was another restless night of sleep for Mama. 

Around 6am we heard a call from Lindy's bedroom and of course, she started getting sick.   She threw up pretty consistently for the next four hours.  In the meantime, Will was still throwing up.  Any bite of food or sip of water and it was all coming back up. 

I ended up calling the pediatrician about Will.  I was hoping they could call in some anti-nausea meds to calm his belly.  I talked to 3 nurses and one suggested I bring him in.  I had to tell her that I literally couldn't.  I had two puking kids and I couldn't drive them by myself 25 minutes.  At one point I said, "Here that throwing up?  That's my other child who caught it this morning."  The nurse ended up talking to our pediatrician who did end up calling in Zofran for him.  Then I was left with the conundrum of how to get it from the pharmacy.   Thankfully a sweet church friend was out and about and directly across from the pharmacy and she got it for me and dropped if off.  It made all the difference for him.  One dose and he was finally able to keep things down.  Lindy didn't get sick anymore that day so we sent her to school the next morning.  She seemed fine that morning.

I got a call around lunchtime and Lindy wasn't feeling well and wanted to come home.  Lynn came to the rescue to get her for me and keep her the last couple hours of the day.  I think she was just tired and afraid to eat.  Everyone was back to school normal on Thursday.  I managed to avoid it but I think Drew got a dumbed down version.  He was super nauseous Thursday and pulled over twice on the way to work but never ended up getting sick. 

It was this turkey's first Thanksgiving!  We were happy to spend it with her!
 Selfies with the baby!
 She's so happy!

 Post meal walk
 Family picture time!

 Happy Birthday, Kris!  That cake was on fire!
 First Christmas outfit!
At the Symphony with our buddies!

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