Sunday, January 8, 2017

More Christmas Activities

We did some fun new activities during December.  Saturday, December 3rd we went to downtown Kernersville and participated in Christmas Around the World.  Drew had plans to go to the Wake soccer game but Aunt Anna and Uncle Brain joined us and we had the most fun afternoon.  We headed to the depot around 4pm and they had some Xmas things setup.  The kids wrote letters to Santa and they assured the kids they would mail them.  They had a scavenger hunt of elves around the depot and they had some fun photo props.  We got our passports and we headed downtown.  Most of the shops assumed a country for the day and so we went in them to look around and get our passports stamped.  Some we didn't really even look in - ha!  We just went for the stamp.  Some shops are so cute but Anna and I were not afforded the chance to look around with the two kids in tow.  We made our way through downtown and ended up at the Kernersville Museum where Santa was!  The kids (and Anna and I) got to visit with him!  They also got to make reindeer food and we had hot chocolate.  After that fun we headed to a yummy dinner downtown and then ended the evening at the Xmas tree lighting at the park downtown.  We were glad Anna and Brian joined us for a fun Xmas outing!

Sunday we had plans to go to the Kernersville Christmas parade but it was so cold and pouring cats and dogs.  We stayed home warm and dry but we did head out in the late afternoon to attend the Wake Forest Lovefeast.  For the first time ever they had a 4pm Family Lovefeast in addition to the 8pm Lovefeast.  We always went before we had kids and then Drew has been since the kids came along.  I haven't been in years and I haven't ever wanted to take the kids out at 8pm on a Sunday evening.  The 4pm service wasn't quite the same as the later but it was still pretty and we enjoyed it.  Lynn, Anna and Brian joined us again.  They serve sweet buns and coffee during a Lovefeast.  The kids loved the buns but not the coffee! ha!  I personally think they should have served hot chocolate to the kids but everyone else in the family scoffed at my idea.  I came home and live streamed the 8pm service as well so I really went to 3 church services that day.  I was well churched!

Tuesday evening we enjoyed our second trip to the symphony, but this time it was the NC Symphony.  Last year I happened upon some this event and so we went again this year.  We had Ms. Martha join us this year, which was nice.  We met for dinner beforehand and then headed to High Point University to hear the NC Symphony.  The conductors of both symphonies were really funny and the music is lovely.  It was a delightful evening with one of our favorite people!

Other happenings of the week.  Will was on tech crew for his school's morning newscast.  He did it all week and I stayed and watched a couple days.  He's behind the scenes, which he likes best.   Lindy had a quick PT appointment to look at her left foot.  A part of her foot seemed to be sticking out up under her big toe.  Like where you get a bunion.  Jill, her PT, said she was pronating her foot.  She worked on her braces and then added a toe strap to kept her toe in the right place in line.  It's been a struggle ever since.  She hates it and comes home and takes her braces off all the time.  I have found ways to tuck it under every once in awhile but it's not like it can come off her brace.  I keep hoping she'll eventually get used to it!  I had to scramble and find shoes to fit since her old ones were too tight. 

We had a slow weekend.  I also met up with Lynn, Jamie, Ellie, Molly, and Anna and we went to a craft show.  It was pretty lame but we went to lunch and a couple other shops afterwards.  I was able to get a few gifts I needed from downtown which worked out well. 

We moved into the third week of December.  The kids had dentist appointments and got good reports.  They want to put sealants on Will's teeth so we are doing that soon.  They want to fix a sealant on Lindy's tooth so we'll do that at her next appointment.  We also decorated gingerbread houses one night.  We got gifted houses, frosting, and a ton of candy to decorate them from a church friend. 

Decorating the outside of the house.  Lindy thought she was hot stuff on the ladder.
 My view from the roof!
Decorating kids - I mean trees! ha!

 Christmas around the world.  The depot featured the Southern Railroad!
 Letters to Santa!

 Fun photo booth!


Making reindeer food
 Fun at the Xmas tree lighting

 She weaseled her way into the firetruck.

 Another Xmas outfit!

Decorating the trees in their rooms.

 NC Symphony Holiday Pops with Ms. Martha!

 Will on Tech Crew
 Another holiday outfit!
Gingerbread house decorating!
 Look at all the candy we were given!
 Finished products!


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