Monday, January 9, 2017

Christmas Morning

Around 6:40am we heard from Lindy's room, "Mom, Dad, Merry Christmas!"  I told them they could not get out of bed, they had to call for us.   We all got up, woke Will up,  got some lights on, got Lindy's hearing aids and glasses on, got the cameras and finally it was go time!

The kids must have been good because Santa brought them some fun gifts!  They both got new scooters which they desperately needed.  Will also got a mini pool table and Lindy got a large stuffed guide dog.  They loved their gifts!  We did stockings and ate some cinnamon rolls and then dove into presents from Mom and Dad. 

They had a little time to play before we headed to church.  Christmas on Sunday can make for a rushed morning but it actually wasn't too bad.  We just had church at 10:20am and we were able to make it with no problems.   We got home and had lunch and the kids played with their new toys while I packed. 

We headed out around 4pm to go to my parents'.  They were happy to have some company on Christmas day.  Santa had left stockings at their house too so they got to open those.  We had some dinner and a lazy evening. 

Santa presents!

 More waiting....


 Heading to church

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