Sunday, January 8, 2017

A Very Charlotte Christmas

We headed down to Charlotte Friday night after work and school.  GrandBob was so excited to take us on a Christmas adventure to downtown Charlotte.  I was all game for doing a new Christmas activity.  Suzette was at her bridge club so she missed all the fun.  We ate dinner and drove downtown to Romare Beardon Park where there were supposed to be pretty lights and a German Christmas village.  It was super cold so I brought the kids and I layers of clothes.  We got there and to our surprise - we were sorely disappointed.  The lights were just some in trees and the village wasn't much.  There were tents but a lot had nothing going on in them.  There was a performance stage but nothing was being performed.  We don't know if it was because of the temps or just because it was lame, but we didn't stay long.  It was pretty to see the big tree at the Carolina Panthers stadium and then we drove down Tryon Street which was really pretty.  I would have loved to walk but it had started sprinkling so we didn't get out of the car.  We did drive by the spot where Drew proposed but because it was cold and starting to rain we didn't get to recreate the magic :)

Saturday morning we prepared for the first of our many Christmases!  Ed, Jamie, Ellie and Molly and Anna and Brian all arrived and we had a yummy lunch.  Then we got down to opening the first presents of the season!  We often have to remind Bob that is not the reason for the season!   It was fun seeing Ellie have her first Christmas.  Fun to have another baby in the family!  Even more fun that it's not our baby :) We had a fun family day with GrandBob and Suzette before heading home that evening.

Sunday morning the kids had their Christmas program at church.  They had been practicing since October and it went really well.  Lindy and Will had their parts memorized and recited them perfectly!

The disappointing park adventure

 The musical instruments we played on the way out that are there all the time were the most fun thing we found

 Are you ready for some presents!

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