Monday, January 9, 2017

Christmas Eve

Lindy woke up in the middle of the night puking, so Lindy and I didn't go anywhere on Christmas Eve.  It was the first time we've ever missed a Christmas celebration.  But we definitely didn't want to spread that kind of love around the family.   It was a lazy morning of recuperating.  I gave her a Zofran because it was Christmas Eve and she needed to feel good.  That helped her get food back on her belly faster and she was feeling pretty good by the middle of the afternoon.

Drew and Will headed to Mimo's for lunch, presents and Mimo's birthday celebrations.  Mimo shares her birthday with Christmas Eve.  They facetimed us during present time so we could watch them opening their presents.  We sure did hate to miss it.  Daddy and Will finally got home around 6:30pm and Lindy and I got to open our presents.  We facetimed Mimo, Anna and Brian and we shared a technological Xmas with them. 

We wrapped up a rather unusual Christmas Eve by putting cookies and milk out for Santa and telling our elf, Pluto, goodbye.  The kids were in bed at a decent time so Santa could come and because we'd all (except Will) had a long night before!

Drew took a few pictures of Christmas at Lynn's.  Sweet Ellie.  

 She finally got to open her presents!

 Putting out the cookies
 And then feeling nauseous.  No fair the girl needs a throw up bucket on Xmas Eve.  Hope we didn't get Santa sick!

 Putting out the milk

 Lindy wanted to take a picture!  ha!
 Telling Pluto goodbye.  He was hiding on the bookcase. 

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