Friday, November 11, 2016

Couple Weeks in Early October

I'm going to combine some weeks and hit the high points.

I took the kids back to the fair on Wednesday, October 5th.  The kids had a half day of school so it was a good day to take them back for some rides.  Mimo went with us as an extra hand.  We bought the wristbands and one treat and they spent their afternoon going on rides.  I did get to go on a few of them with Lindy.  They were able to ride a lot of rides.  For the first time they didn't ride any of the little kid rides.  They aren't tall enough for the big rides but there were enough in between rides to keep them happy.

Friday, October 7th, the kids went to their friend, Lawson's, birthday party at a soccer complex.  Both kids have been in class with him.  The boys played fairly rough soccer most of the night and Lindy played with Lawson's sister on the other field. 

Saturday Hurricane Matthew came through the state of NC.  It poured most of the day.  I went to a NICU reunion for work and I met up with Drew and the kids at Ed and Jamie's.  We had a Wake football game that night at 7pm but Jamie and I and all kids knew we weren't going.  Ed and Drew attempted to go but didn't end up staying that long. 

The story for that week was that Drew and I were supposed to go to a wedding in Charleston but Hurricane Matthew ruined our plans.  The wedding got postponed so our weekend got postponed.  We filled it up with lots of other things as you can see.

Columbus Day was also picture day and a day off for me.  The rest of the week was fairly normal.  I had a parent teacher conference for Lindy.  We are still trying to get on the right track this year.  Friday night the kids and I hung at home while Drew went to watch our niece Molly in her high school play.  Saturday I met Martha to go see Molly in her play.  Drew and the kids met Martha and me for dinner.  We enjoyed getting to catch up with her. 

Sunday, October 16th was my dear mother's birthday.   They came over after church and mom and I went shopping in Greensboro at a bag sale.  We got home and celebrated with a steak dinner and chocolate cake.  We were happy to help her celebrate.

Second trip to the fair

 A totally fake smile!

 In the big blowup ball at Lawson's party
 With Lawson
 Saturday night with Ellie. 

We stopped at a pumpkin patch in town one afternoon and got some cute pics.

 Cute girl with her tower she built.
  A girl with her dad.  She said to me recently, "He's just a part of me.  I mean, you are too, but he's just a piece of me."  ha ha!
 Happy birthday Nana!! 
 Best Mom Ever!

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