Sunday, November 13, 2016

Busy Fall Fun October Weekend

Moving right along through October.  By the looks of my calendar, not much went on during the week of October 17th.  The kids started practicing for a Christmas program at church on Wednesday nights.  The kids did have spirit week at school which made the week a little bit fun and different for them. 

The real fun happened over the weekend.  Friday night was Family Fun Night at the kids' school.  It's the annual fall festival and big PTA fundraiser.  The kids have fun but the appeal has mostly worn off for the parents! ha!  We didn't have to volunteer in classes this year because they used Crosby Scholars who needed service hours.  We walked around with the kids and some of their friends.  They had silly string and got to shoot it at some of their past teachers.   Lindy went through the haunted house for the first time with a couple friends.  Will wouldn't go! 

Saturday morning Will had tennis practice and my mom, Lindy and I walked in the JDRF Walk to End Juvenile Diabetes.  We walked in support of my niece, Hayley, who has been living with Type 1 Diabetes for almost 7 years now.  She has done amazingly well but we hope by walking and supporting JDRF that it will be cured in her lifetime.  We wish we could walk with them in KC but we had our own little Beaver Bunch team out here.

Saturday afternoon our family, my mom, Drew's mom and Drew's dad all met up at a local corn maze.  It was another new one for us and we all really enjoyed it.  We do some sort of corn maze every year and they are all so different.  This one you literally wandered around the maze looking for 6 different boxes.  You answered a question and then scratched a part off a card to reveal your points.  The one with the most points at the end wins.  There were no directions or hints or clues if you were going the right way.  We eventually found all 6 boxes and I don't quite remember but I think I had the most points.  ;)  They had many other activities the kids were able to do, a big jumping pillow, a cow train, a tree house jungle gym and they had the most delicious apple cider doughnuts.  They were so good!  It was a beautiful fall afternoon that we all enjoyed! 

Spirit Week - silly hats
 Inside out day
 Silly socks
 Favorite team
 School spirit
 Family Fun Night games

 Silly string attack of Lindy's 1st grade teacher
 JDRF walk
 Lindy met Daisy, a diabetic service dog, we follow on Instagram

 The diva got to ride and it was chilly.
 Fall fun at the Maize Adventure

 Worn out after a great day!

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