Sunday, November 13, 2016


It's already November.  How did that happen?!

It was rough having Halloween on a Monday.  No kid wanted to go to school the next day but they all made it. 

They did have an early release on Wednesday, 11/2, so I took the afternoon off to spend with them.   We ran errands and then we went to early vote in the big election.  I had wanted to take the kids but was dreading doing it on election day.  This early release allowed us to go and for them to see the democratic process.  We did end up waiting about 25 minutes but we got our votes in.  We all pushed confirm together and got our early voting stickers.  We headed home for the rest of the afternoon.

November 6th is Will's special day but Drew and I were going to be heading out of town on Saturday for a wedding so we decided to celebrate with him on Friday.  I went and ate lunch at school with him and his buddy Luke.  Will chose pizza for dinner Friday night and then we went and saw the movie Trolls.  It was super cute with great music and Will enjoyed it.  We had never done a movie for his special day so that was fun.

Saturday my parents arrived around 10am and they got Will out the door to tennis.  We headed out soon after they got there and drove down to Charleston, SC.  My boss was getting married on Sunday, but we went down a day early to look around.  We got down there and got into our hotel and then we headed out to look around and have dinner.  It'd been since college since Drew and I had been down there and I definitely didn't appreciate it back then.   I really enjoyed it this time though.  We had a fantastic dinner out and enjoyed walking through the city market.  Sunday we slept in, ate breakfast at our hotel and then went to a short wedding rehearsal.  We headed out to the battery and to see rainbow row and just to walk more around the city.   The wedding was from 4-7pm and Drew performed the ceremony.  It was a sweet and simple ceremony but Shawn and Velvet were very happy.  We left right after that and headed home.  It was a tough drive back.  We were both so tired.  We split the drive up but we were so happy to pull in the drive at midnight. 

After lunch on Saturday my parents took the kids and dog back to their house.  They messed around on Saturday but on Sunday they helped Will celebrate his special day.  He had mentioned wanting to go to the Discovery Kids museum in Huntersville and I had originally told him no.  Then I realized he'd be with my parents so it actually worked out.  They took them to play and then Mom drove them back over to our house.  She got them in bed that night and then spent the night with us as well. 

Voting.  Or sitting and waiting to vote.  And I'm pretty sure I shouldn't have taken this picture.
 Yay!  We voted and had stickers to prove it!
 Happy Special Day Observed Will! 
 Our trip to Charleston.  This was the view from our hotel room. 

 Rainbow Row - we met a guy who lived across the street who told us the history of the houses. 

 Creepy, mossy cemetery.
 The happy bride and groom! 
 Velvet and her girls
 Me and Velvet - a great boss and friend
 My date!
 Meanwhile, the kids were having fun at the Discovery Place on Will's real special day.

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