Sunday, November 13, 2016

Easy Second Week of November

The second week in November was easy for three of us in our house.  We got home at midnight Sunday night.  My mom was there to help get the kids up and ready for school.  I had enough vacation days to take the day off but poor Drew had to go to work.  My mom took the kids to school on her way back home which was nice.  We got them out the door but since the routine was off I forgot Lindy's library books and to change her hearing aid batteries.  That came back to bite me later in the week.

I was able to take my time getting ready but then I was on the run after that.  I took the dog to get his nails trimmed at the vet.  I dropped him off and headed out to do our monthly grocery shopping.  The cupboards were looking pretty bare.  I barely had enough time to unpack the cold things before heading to get the kids from school.  I had an end of quarter parent teacher conference for Will that went really well.  He is doing well which is good to hear.  We left there and ran back by the vet to pick up medicine for the dog and finally got home. 

Tuesday the kids were out of school because the quarter ended on Monday.  It was nice that it was also election day because they vote in schools around here.  I took the day off to stay with the kids which was nice and made for a nice long weekend.  I let the kids take it easy that morning but we had to leave after lunch for a yearly neurosurgery appointment for Lindy.  We went first and got my flu shot.  I had Lindy holding my hand to make sure I was okay!  We got promptly called back for Lindy's appointment and then waited an hour in the exam room for a 10 minute appointment.  We finished our errands by getting Drew's car inspected. 

Wednesday we were all back to school and work for two days and then we were off again on Friday.  The kids had it off for Veterans' Day so I took it off with them.  They had another easy morning and then it was another afternoon of errands.  The kids got flu shots at 1:20pm and were not very happy about it.  We returned something at Michael's, bought two birthday presents at Target and then headed to Sam's before heading back home. 

Saturday was a good but busy day.  Drew left early to go hiking with Ed.  The kids both had a birthday party so I was merely the chauffeur.  Mimo kept Will while I took Lindy to her party from 12-2:30pm.  Her party was a skating party and I knew I'd have to stay with her.  She had never skated before and well, it was interesting.  I had to pay $4 for one of the little PVC pipe walker things which was a necessity but I think is ridiculous they charge you.  Then they wouldn't let me go on the skating rink with her.  I would have had to pay for skates to go with her.  She was very content just practicing on the carpet outside the rink for a long time.  She finally decided she wanted to try it and another mom we know who was randomly there and not with the party tried to take her out.  It didn't go very well.  That floor was much slicker.  Then she was 100% fine staying out on the carpet.  We went up and down the length of the carpet a hundred times and she fell about 50 times.  She was a good sport and I think only one really hurt.    She would have liked to have been out skating with some friends but they were all pretty good and were whizzing around.  We left there and picked Will up from Mimo's.  We took him to his party and I was able to just drop him off since it was at one of his good buddy's house.  Lindy and I met up with Mimo, Aunt Jamie, Molly and Ellie to go to a couple furniture stores.  We grabbed Will and then had dinner with them, too.  We were all tired last night. 

Today has been church and football - and blogs - because I'm caught up!!!!!

The furry peeps in our house all got new beds this week.  
 Lindy had to try it out though.  Aiden barked at her to get out of his new bed.
Dr. Lindy at her appointment.
 The sweet mom who tried to help her.  She ended up riding the PVC pipe back!
 She enjoyed resting her skates on the walker.

 She finds a dog everywhere she goes!


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