Sunday, November 13, 2016

Last Week of October

The last week in October was another event week for me at work so my evenings were spent working. 

We carved pumpkins on Tuesday night.  It was our only available night before Halloween to do it.  The kids had Xmas program practice again. 

The kids spent Friday night with Lynn so that Drew could come volunteer at the event.  We got home very late and it was very nice to be able to sleep in that next morning.   We left around lunch on Saturday and headed to Mimo's.  We picked up Will to go tailgate and go to a football game.  Lindy got invited to an art party play date at a friend's house from 2-7pm.  Lynn helped us out by taking and picking her up for us so we could watch the game.  We had a little tailgate and then got to see Wake lose to Army.  The best part of the game was that it was Ellie's first football game.  She was super tired the first half and just chilled with me the whole time.  She woke up in the second half and had a blast.  She's so cute! 

Sunday afternoon Lindy and I met some friends at a park.  They went through a very similar pregnancy, preterm birth and infant loss like we did.  They have a boy and girl now as well but they are in high school.  Lindy and the daughter have been compared for years.  They both have severe vision and hearing loss but are both very smart girls.  We met them for ice cream and then went to a park.  Lindy and Asha got to hang out and the mom and I got to hang out.  Lindy and I both need mentors!  It was nice to talk to someone a little farther in our journey and get good advice from her.  Lindy really enjoyed hanging out with someone like her.

One likes the goo and one doesn't!!

 Ellie's first football game!  Cousins eyeing each other.
 Go Deacs!

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