Monday, October 24, 2016

Dixie Classic Fair 2016

The last week of September was a bit of a blur.  We had one of our two big gala events at work on Thursday the 29th so I worked late most nights and then worked from home once the kids went to bed.  The event went great Thursday night.  Mimo kept the kids and Drew came to eat - I mean volunteer.  ha!  The best part of Mimo keeping the kids is that we got to sleep in some the next morning which is nice after getting home very late that night. 

Saturday Will had tennis practice and then we headed to the Dixie Classic Fair for a warm, but fun day with Mimo, Ed, Jamie and Ellie.  We ate lunch, which took forever, and walked around to see all the exhibits and animals.  It was mostly a day of looking around.  We bought just a few tickets and the kids rode the big slide a couple times and then rode the big swings for the first time ever.  We also tried a few tasty treats.  Drew got a deep fried Klondike bar (figure that one out) and Mimo and I shared the deep fried honey bun.  It was delicious.  We watched the Marvelous Mutts dog show and they really are marvelous.  I doubt Lindy really sees all that much but they run up close sometimes so hopefully she sees them. One volunteer threw a Frisbee right near us and the dog came out and got it so hopefully she saw that one.  I took a couple pictures of things farther away and zoomed in and showed her.  It was a beautiful day at the fair and we all had a good time and got worn out. 

At the March of Dimes Signature Chefs Action with my coworkers, Velvet and Meghan
 and Drew
 Velvet, Katie, and I
 Plinko at the Dixie Classic Fair was hard!

 With a little help from her dad.
 Lindy and one of the marvelous mutts!
 Their favorite ride at the fair!

 The pumpkins weren't very big this year - not compared to other years.

 First time on the big swings!

 Swinging way up there!
 A random pic but kind of cute!
 This cutie helped put out Halloween decorations!

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