Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Bobby's Birthday

Apparently hardly anything happened during the week of September 19th.  Drew and I ate dinner out on Wednesday evening and the kids ate out with Lynn.  Exciting week, huh?

We went out to eat again Friday night and then we headed to Charlotte on Saturday to celebrate old Bobby's birthday.  We got down there in time for lunch and we stayed through dinner.  We were so glad Bob could feed us so well on his birthday :)  We enjoyed a day of relaxing, hanging out, watching football, and playing on Snapchat.  Suzette had a knee replacement surgery at the end of August so it was good to see her up and moving.  She has worked hard on her recovery.

Sunday we had church and then we met Mom and Dad in WS for lunch after church.  I had some things I needed to get from them.  We ate and then Mom and I ran a couple errands and we met back up with Dad at Costco. 


 Sorry buddy, doesn't fit now! ha!
 Presents for the old man!

 Suzette iced her knee so Lindy had to as well!

 He's such a little dear!  So sweet! ha ha!

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