Monday, October 10, 2016

Back at it

I don't know why I've had such a hard time keeping up with the blog.  Somehow my usual night of blogging, Sunday, somehow keeps being busy.  I feel like every night is busy, or I'm too tired during the week to write.   I'm going to try and get caught up.

I left off with the 2nd week of school and the book festival.  The major highlight from the week was Curriculum night at school.  Since I had already met with Lindy's teacher, I sent Drew to her class and I went to Will's class.  We learned what they'll be covering this year and learned about end of grade reading tests.  Standardized testing.  uggggg. 

Wednesday was an early release day.  It works out that all early release days are on the days Lynn picks the kids up.  That is helpful for me.  They went to her house for awhile and then headed to our house. 

Friday night we played the game of Life.  Saturday Will started with fall tennis lessons at the park across the street.  It's the same coach he's had all last year and at camp this summer.  He has a full class of 8 this year.  7 girls and Will!  He doesn't seem to mind. 
Lindy and Drew spent the morning at the Vision Walk in Greensboro.  They went to support a church member who has a degenerative eye disease but also to support Lindy!  She likes Papa Tom from church because he is like her.  He has glasses and hearing aids too.  They talked and played around and did very little walking. 

Saturday night we had a Wake Forest football game.  We tailgated ahead of time with Ed, Jamie, Bob and the Bryants.  The Deacs are off to a good start this year.  Kind of a nice turn of events from the past many years. 

Sunday we had homecoming at church.  We had a guest preacher and a yummy covered dish. 

Lindy at the Vision Walk

 With Bolt - the local baseball mascot
With a pretty cool dog face painting!
 With Ms. Sabrina and one of her granddaughters.
 With Papa Tom
 Walking a lap with Ms. Sabrina
 She was so proud of her volunteer t-shirt! 
 I have discovered SnapChat and I love it!  The filters are so fun!!
 Doesn't she look SOOO old???  It's a filter!
One of Will's recent creations.   


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