Friday, September 23, 2016

2nd Week of School

Thankfully it was a short week because of Labor Day, but man did it feel long.   We made it through the second week of school.  Will's homework started for real and he was in a bit of shock.  He had a 2nd grade teacher that hardly gave any homework.  Lindy always had more than he did.  He was forever off doing things while she was still toiling away.  He was surprised at the amount of homework he had the first night.  I heard, "Third grade is a lot different" many times that week.  He isn't used to it, but it's good for him!  ha!  Now Lindy isn't the only one doing homework!   I spent the week getting ready for my consignment sale.  Which means there were piles of clothes, hangers, tags and safety pins all over the den. 

Thursday night I got to babysit Ellie for the first time.  We had so much fun together!  I don't think I'll get to watch her much because she has one grandmother that lives in town and another one that comes often from out of town.  Ed, Jamie and all the grandmothers (and a grandfather) were together at an event of Jamie's, so that left me!  It was sweet getting to watch a baby.  Lindy doubted my skills and wanted to know what babies I had ever watched!  ha!  It was like riding a bike - came right back to me.  There is nothing sweeter than holding a sleeping baby!

Friday night I had to take my stuff to the consignment sale and I was on setup duty.  I got there at 5pm, we set up, brought our stuff in at 6pm and we got to shop at 7:15pm.  I was home around 9pm. 

Saturday was a full and fun day.  Will started a new session of tennis lessons at the park across the street.  It was also the day of the big Bookmarks festival that Aunt Jamie puts on at her job.  Drew left to go hear one of the authors while Lindy and I took Will to tennis.  We amused ourselves by downloading Snapchat and playing with the filters.  As soon as he was done we loaded up and headed to the book festival ourselves.  We got there right in time to see Lauren Tarshis, who writes the I Survived books, give a talk.  She was really interesting to listen to.  We went and got in line to meet her and get Will's book signed.  We ate lunch and had some icies before getting in line to meet Annie Barrows, who writes the Ivy and Bean books.  We missed her talk but Lindy got a book signed by her.  The last author we were able to see was Kate DiCamillo and she was great too.  I was really excited to hear her.  We had read The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane to the kids so they knew her books.  We got in and got seats and unfortunately I had to leave after 15 minutes.  Drew and the kids stayed but I had to go get my clothes from the consignment sale that didn't sell.   Drew and the kids went and met her and got her to sign our book.  We were able to see Mimo, Aunt Anna and Brian, Uncle Ed, and Aunt Jamie's parents and their best friends at the festival.  I met my family back at home when we were all done.  Aunt Anna and Uncle Brian came over for dinner and to hang out and we once again amused ourselves with our new favorite app, Snapchat. 

Sunday we had church and then I worked on packing clothes up.  I sorted the ones that didn't sell and packed up a bunch of summer clothes.   I eventually left to go meet my mom and her friend and we listened to a talk by John Grisham!  He was the closing author for the book festival.  We all really enjoyed his talk.  We went to dinner afterwards and then we all headed our separate ways. 

Just a few pictures from the week.  But some fun ones with authors!

Ellie loves her Aunt Jamie!

Lindy at Will's tennis lesson
 Will and Lauren Tarshis.  She writes the I Survived series of books.  The funny thing is she looked up and Drew was standing over out of the way.  She goes, "Is that your dad?  You look just like him!" 

 Yay for personalized books!
 Lindy and Annie Barrows!
 Lindy and her personalized Ivy & Bean book!
 Lindy and Will and Kate DiCamillo!  So cool to meet her!
 Personalized to them!
 Fun with Snapchat! 

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